Certificate in Indigenous Language Guardianship

This 10-course program of study is perfect for those wishing to become community language warriors in the efforts towards Indigenous language revitalization. This certificate can provide an alternative to the Certificate of Indigenous Language II by adding more detailed focus on working with language data and producing language learning materials. Languages of specialization currently available include, but are not limited to, Cree, Saulteaux (Ojibwe), Dene, Dakota and Nakota. This certificate can also serve as a secondary building block towards more advanced study, such as (for Cree and Saulteaux) a full Arts degree program. It is also a companion to the First Nations Language Instructors Certificate and other programs in language instruction offered through Indigenous Education at First Nations University.

All program courses specific to individual Indigenous languages must be completed in the same language.

Note: Students enrolled in a part-time program do not maintain full-time student status throughout the program. Therefore part-time programs may be unavailable to international applicants due to Citizenship and Immigration Canada regulations. Part time programs are also not eligible for student loan funding.

  • Courses to Complete: 10 core
  • Credit hours: 30
  • Prerequisites: Varies by course
  • Program duration: Part-time study


Core Courses

*all language courses must be completed in the same language
ARTS 099 or CCE 099
One Indigenous Language course numbered 100
One Indigenous Language course numbered 101
One of: CREE 202, DAK 202, DENE 202, NAK 202, or SAUL 202 or INDL 203
One of: CREE 203, DAK 203, DENE 203, NAK 203, or SAUL 203 or INDL 203
One of: CREE 206, DAK 206, DENE 206, NAK 206, SAUL 206, INDL 206 or LING 100
One of: CREE 225, DAK 225, DENE 225, NAK 225, SAUL 225
One course in Indigenous Literatures: INDL 240AA-ZZ*, INDL 241*, or INDL 242*
LING 230* (formerly LING 175) Indigenous Languages of Turtle Island
LING 280 Language Documentation
EINL 325* Bilingual/Bicultural Language Learning Processes
or LING 327*
Evaluation of Language Learning Processes
*Please note each of these courses have a prerequisite outside of this program or requires the permission of the Program Coordinator.

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