Certificate in Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Certificate will introduce you to a range of subjects that are applicable to many aspects of life rather than specific to a particular profession or trade. The Liberal Arts Certificate can be a great way to earn a credential in a short amount of time or as a stepping stone to a diploma or degree. 

The Stacking Option

This certificate is stand-alone but can also act as a pathway to numerous programs.

  1. Liberal Arts Certificate
  2. Liberal Arts Diploma
  3. Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Media Art & Performance, Science & Social Work. 

If you are interested in the stacking option, seek advising early in your program.

  • Courses to Complete: 6 core + 4 electives
  • Number of Credit Hours: 30 credit hours
  • Pre-requisites: None
  • Program Duration: Part-time study OR 12 months full-time
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Credit Hours Required Courses
0.0 ARTS 099 or CCE 099 Academic Integrity Workshop
3.0 ENGL 100
3.0 Any 100- or 200-level Science course from the following: ASTR, BIOC, BIOL, CHEM (except CHEM 100), CS, GEOL, GES (GES 121, 203, 207, or 297AA-ZZ) or PHYS
3.0 INDG 100
3.0 Any 100- or 200-level Humanities course from the following: ARTS, CATH, CLAS, EAS, ENGL, HIST, HUM, INDL, IDS, LING, PAST, PHIL, RLST or WGST
3.0 Any 100- or 200-level Social Sciences course from the following: ANTH, ECON, GES (except GES 121, 203, 207, and 297AA-ZZ), HS, ILP, IS, JRN, JS, NSLI, PPE, PSCI, PSYC, SOC or SOST
3.0 Any 100- or 200-level Indigenous Knowledge course from the following: INCA, INHS or INDG (except INDG 100 or 104)
12.0 Four open electives
30.0 Total: 60.00% PGPA and 60.00% UGPA required 

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