Business Communications

Business-Communications-Professional-MicrocredentialsDo your writing, public speaking or facilitation skills need a boost? Employers consistently share that employees at all career stages need training to communicate more effectively and consider communications key to advancement and success. 

With the Business Communications Professional Microcredential, develop your written communications including emails and documents, as well as your confidence and storytelling abilities. Adopt strategies for communicating clearly and concisely and learn how to tailor content to specific audiences. With the skills gained, you will be ready to engage and persuade your audience, as well as competently address sensitive topics. 

Three Badges

  • Number of hours: 14 hours per Badge x 3 = 42 hours total
  • Assessment: Participation; 80% attendance of each day
  • Previous Education Required: Nonefunding opportunities button green
  • Delivery: Remote
Badge Name Instructor Upcoming
Written Communications Dale Johnson Feb 21-23, 2023
Facilitation & Consensus Building
Shari Hildred Apr 3-5, 2023
Presentation & Public Speaking
Loretta Gerlach Mar 15 -17, 2023

You can take one, two or all three Badges because they are standalone. If you complete all three Badges within two years, you will be awarded the Business Communications Professional Microcredential. The Badges can be taken in any order and there are no pre-requisites.


Written Communications

Do you ever feel stuck or uncertain when trying to express yourself professionally in an important email or document? Do you get feedback that you need to improve your writing for it to be more effective?

In the Written Communications Badge, learn how to write with confidence and clarity, analyze your audience, set the tone and influence others. Discover the benefits of using a writing framework to create content for both technical and non-technical audiences, and for real-world situations where your writing makes an impact. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore how people learn and how to consider these principles when presenting written work
  • Become familiar with a writing framework
  • Practice interpreting an environment from the audience’s perspective
  • Analyze communications and written work
  • Use a practical process for composing written communications
  • Identify common obstacles to improve your business writing
  • Appreciate how business writing can allow subject matter experts to influence decision making outcomeswritten-communications-Digital-Badge-blue


  • Audience Analysis
  • Clear and Concise Writing
  • Communications Analysis
  • Persuasive Writing


Facilitation & Consensus Building

Did you know facilitation is an art that can be learned? With proven skills and techniques, you can feel more in control and at ease when leading groups. In the Facilitation & Consensus Building Badge, you will learn to build trust and participation during meetings and discussions while creating the right conditions for powerful dialogue and consensus building.  

Best practice techniques will help guide you from start to finish, whether through basic meeting management or larger staff and stakeholder activities. With new skills and confidence, you can effectively engage with different audiences, seamlessly facilitate group settings and achieve actionable outcomes. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand effective communication in theory and practice
  • Adopt proven audience interaction techniques
  • Apply effective people-leader and people-engagement skills to spark action in others
  • Cultivate leadership imperatives for today’s challenging environments
  • Understand the five major purposes of communication and fundamental facilitation processes
  • Incorporate stakeholder and audience insights into meetings
  • Prepare for and overcome facilitation obstacles
  • Communicate sensitive topics like an expertFile


  • Group Facilitation
  • Communicate with Purpose
  • Audience Engagement
  • Communicating Sensitive Topics
  • Consensus Building

Presentation & Public Speaking

Have you ever admired a speaker for their presentation finesse or ability to capture an audience’s attention and wished you had those skills?

With the Presentation & Public Speaking Badge, you will learn proven strategies for taking your presentation to the next level. Whether speaking in a team meeting, delivering a proposal to a prospective client, or presenting to a large audience at a conference or event, professional public speaking skills will help build your confidence, assist in the delivery of your message, persuade others and generate enthusiasm.

The course is designed to help you overcome personal challenges such as fear and apprehension, while developing your own personal style and voice. With your enhanced preparation and delivery skills, you will become a presenter others hope to emulate.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand different public speaking strategies and when to apply them
  • Overcome personal challenges such as fear and apprehension
  • Apply best practices in preparation and delivery
  • Adapt stylistically to different circumstances and audiences
  • Prepare for unexpected and difficult circumstances
  • Implement strategies for effective persuasionpresentation-Digital-Badge-blue


  • Confident Public Speaking
  • Effective Storytelling
  • Audience Engagement
  • Speech Planning & Preparation
  • Persuasive Communications

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Funding Opportunities

Our non-credit programs may qualify for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant Funding. Please note that this is an employer-driven program. The employer must apply on behalf of their employees.

Badges, Professional Microcredentials and Professional Certificates qualify for the Canada Training Credit, Re-Skill Saskatchewan Training Subsidy (RSTS) and the URAA Alumni Professional Development Award.