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Responsive Management


Change is constant and crises will arise. Adapting to emerging needs strategically and confidently is vital to the success of any team or organization. New or experienced managers, business owners and employees looking to advance can learn to turn any challenge into a pathway for improvement with the right skills, knowledge and mindset.

In the Responsive Management Professional Microcredential, you will discover how to increase productivity and engagement within a hybrid team, expertly lead risk assessment and recovery tactics and develop vital problem-solving, emotional intelligence and stress management skills in yourself and others.

Three Badges

  • Number of hours: 14 hours per Badge x 3 = 42 hours total
  • Assessment: Participation; 80% attendance of each day
  • Previous Education Required: None
  • Delivery: Remote
Badge Name Instructor Upcoming
Crisis Management
Dan Florizone Feb 9-11
Leading Hybrid Teams Penelope Popp Oct 20-22
Apr 18-20
   Free Preview: Leading Hybrid Teams Webinar Penelope Popp Oct 13

Resilient Leadership

Loretta Gerlach Nov 17-19
Mar 9-11

You may take one, two or all three Badges because they are standalone. If you complete all three Badges within two years, you will be awarded the Responsive Management Professional Microcredential. The Badges can be taken in any order and there are no pre-requisites.


Crisis Management

How do organizations and companies effectively anticipate, plan for, test, respond to and recover from a crisis?  Crises come in many forms — from single events to prolonged exposure.  Fire, flood, heat, cold, tornado, loss of utilities, outbreak, equipment failure, accident and injury are examples. Effective organizations understand these risks, their likelihood, and develop plans, strategies and tactics that can be refined and tested over time. 

Gain a valuable overview along with the applicable methods and knowledge needed to effectively respond to crisis. Preparation is key.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a risk assessment of potential crisis
  • Develop plans to mitigate the risks associated with crisis
  • Test and modify response plansCrisis-Management-Digital-Badge-blue
  • Deploy a crisis response effectively
  • Create a clear path to recovery


  • Risk Assessment
  • Response Planning
  • Recovery Tactics
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Leading Hybrid Teams

Globally, the number of teams and individuals working virtually has climbed steadily. When the pandemic hit, entire industries and businesses were forced to go to a remote or hybrid work model. Subsequently, entire organizations are now required to accommodate a flexible workforce going forward. It is more important than ever that managers have the skills they need to face the challenges that come with leading a hybrid team.

Adapt your management style with new engagement techniques and skills to competently meet the shift from managing solely in office to geographically displaced teams. Gain tools and techniques to ensure your employee engagement, communication and productivity meet your goals in the new work world.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the dynamics of hybrid teams
  • Ensure engagement in a dispersed team environment
  • Identify and integrate important tools and technology necessary for the journey
  • Ensure successful remote communicationsLeading-Hybrid-Teams-Digital-Badge
  • Build a collaborative a team virtually
  • Create an environment of trust and accountability remotely


  • Hybrid Team Leadership
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Team Building and Engagement
  • Maximize Technology

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Resilient Leadership

Resilient leaders know how to best support their organizations through high pressure and difficult circumstances. They exhibit strength and optimism when addressing crisis, responding to setbacks, or confronting tragedy.

So what does it take to be a resilient leader? Resilient leaders are able to calmly pivot direction, make solid decisions in unique circumstances, cope with their own stress levels and energize others while using high levels of emotional intelligence. With the new strategies and skills gained, you will become better at self-leadership and leading others.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the models of resilient leadership
  • Understand the importance of mindset
  • Develop practical skills for building resilience in oneself
  • Develop skills in emotional intelligence for resilient circumstances
  • Improve ability to support others to be resilient and positive
  • Adapt problem-solving skills for a complex or unexpected circumstanceResilient-Leadership-Digital-Badge-blue


  • Empathetic Leadership
  • Resilient Mindset
  • Problem-Solving
  • Stress Management