Certificate in Indigenous Access Transition Education

This program is designed to prepare students for a university level program of study with a goal of increasing retention and success rates.  The program is also designed to increase access for indigenous students to post secondary programs.

The Indigenous Access Transition Education Certificate is designed as an eight-month, twenty-four credit certificate program. The program can accommodate up to forty students who will progress through the program as a single cohort, with each student taking the same courses at the same time as a single group. Students in the IATEC Program would progress through the following courses in the following sequence (this sequence may vary depending on program delivery contract).

  • Courses to Complete: 8
  • Credit Hours: 24
  • Pre-Requisites: Varies by course
  • Program Duration: 10 months full-time study

Core Courses

PMTH 091 Intermediate Algebra I
PMTH 092 Intermediate Algebra II
BIOL 140 or CHEM 100 Human Biology or Introductory Chemistry
ENGL 100 Introduction to English
INDG 100 or INHS 100 Introduction to Indigenous Studies or Introduction to Indigenous Health Studies 1
INDG 104 Introduction to Indigenous Higher Learning
ISW 377 Introduction to Social Work
RDWT 120 Reading and Writing 1

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