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Undergraduate Certificates

Use a Certificate to add to your resume, tailor your education or advance your career.

  • Use Your Electives Strategically. Earn a Certificate Within Your Degree.
  • Add to Your Resume. Stand apart from the rest.
  • Get the Credential. Land that job or promotion.

Business and Management

Administration 1

This certificate is the first step towards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Administration 2

This is the second step towards a diploma or degree in Business Administration.

Local Government Administration (LGA)

This certificate is usually required for all rural and urban municipality administrators.

Advanced Local Government Administration

This certificate is recommended for municipality administrators and managers.

Nonprofit Sector Leadership and Innovation

This certificate is designed for students who want to work in the nonprofit, community-based sector.

FNUniv Indigenous Management 1

This program is for those preparing for administrative careers or working in administrative positions.

FNUniv Indigenous Management 2

This program is for those preparing for administrative careers or working in administrative positions.

FNUniv Indigenous Economic Development

Engage in culturally appropriate strategies for economic development with Indigenous communities.

FNUniv Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Management

This program was developed with qualified managers and leaders in the Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment industry.


Public Relations

Develop writing and communication skills to expertly promote your organization.

FNUniv Reconcilitation Studies

This certificate focuses on efforts to close the gap between First Nations and non-First Nations societies within Canada.

Education and Health

Early Childhood Studies for the Helping Professions

Advance your professional learning in early childhood development, as well as, play, the arts, expressive art therapies and trauma informed practice and early literacies.

Extended Studies in Inclusive Education

Learn how you can open doors for students who face special learning challenges.

Foundations for Nursing

Develop a solid foundation for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


This program is for potential applicants to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing who do not meet admission requirements.

FNUniv - Continuing Education First Nations Interdisciplinary Studies

This certificate is designed to meet the needs of students with common interests who wish to improve their understanding of issues facing First Nations peoples. NOTE: Admissions to this program have been suspended.

FNUniv - Extended Studies in Aboriginal Education

This certificate is designed to fill a gap in cross-cultural teacher training.

FNUniv - Extended Studies in First Nations Language

Applicants to this program must hold a Bachelor of Education degree with some Cree and Saulteaux language background.

FNUniv - First Nations Language Instruction

This program is designed for language instructors, teachers, and teachers’ aides working in First Nations classrooms who are already fluent in a First Nations language.

Liberal Arts

Certificate in Liberal Arts

The Certificate in Liberal Arts has roots in classical antiquity, where you will be introduced to a relatively wide range of subjects.

Diploma in Liberal Arts

The Diploma in Liberal Arts satisfies the core requirements for the 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree programs.