About The Conservatory of Performing Arts

About the Conservatory

The faculty and staff at the Conservatory believe the arts are an essential part of human life and can enrich the life of everyone who engages in the arts. To help students reach their goals, the Conservatory offers one-on-one music lessons and group classes in the arts for people of all ages. 

The Conservatory of Performing Arts:  a leader in Arts Education in Southern Saskatchewan.I heart the arts logo

For more than a century, the Conservatory of Performing Arts has been a beacon of arts education in southern Saskatchewan. Founded in 1912, the Conservatory continues to link people to their passions by providing accessible arts education to learners of all ages and abilities. The Conservatory strives to foster a supportive and respectful environment which offers opportunities for people to be actively engaged in the arts; this kind of activity is crucial in the creation of a strong community.

Today the Conservatory of Performing Arts is a part of the University of Regina’s Centre for Continuing Education and home to Darke Hall – the first performing arts venue in Regina. Many of the faculty at the Conservatory are members of the Regina Symphony Orchestra and are working musicians and artists who perform with their own groups and ensembles. Conservatory alumni have gone on to work as professional musicians, teachers, lawyers, administrators, and more. Come to the Conservatory to experience the best in:

Private Music Lessons
Group Classes | School Break Day Camps | Early Learning