About Our Camps

This page gives you all the information you need to know regarding Conservatory Creative Camps. On this page:

  • Camp Schedule and Break Times
    • Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up
    • Recess
    • Lunch Hour
  • Camper:Instructor Ratio
  • Clothing
  • Creative Kids Funding
  • Fees and Pricing
  • Food and Lunches
  • Friday Performances
  • Photography
  • Potty-training
  • Registration
  • Technology Usage

Information for Families Currently Registered

Camp Permissions Form. Please note: you are required to register officially in our online registration system to be included in our camp rosters. This permissions form only provides the camp staff with the most up-to-date information on your child, as our registration system is sometimes out of date or may not accurately reflect who should be the main contact for the camp week for your child.

Welcome to Camp Letter. This letter provides information about camp expectations and procedures. Please read through if you have any questions about the upcoming camp session.

Camp Schedule and Break Times

Full day camps run from 8:45am-4:15pm (with the exception of School's Out Camps, which run from 9:00am-3:30pm). Half day camps run from 8:45am-12:00pm (AM) and 1:00-4:15pm (PM). We have three main types of break times during your child’s camp session. These breaks are always supervised by our Camp Assistants and allow time for our Camp Instructors to prep for the remaining lessons and activities of the day and to take required lunch breaks. Our Break Times are unstructured and give your child an opportunity to decompress after a busy day of structured activities and time to meet and play with new friends in other camps.

  • Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up – take place indoors 1 hour before camp and 1 hour after camp (with the exception of School's Out Camps, which are 45 minutes before and after camp). Parents/Guardians are required to sign their child in for the day on our sign-in sheets and provide photo ID and a signature at pick-up. Parents/Guardians provide a list of possible approved persons for pick-up on a paper registration form on the first day of camp, which will be used for safe and secure sign-out throughout the week. Please ensure all people on this list have photo ID with them when they come to pick-up your child because our Camp Staff in the morning and afternoon are different, so, they would not have met you when you dropped your child off.
  • Recess – there are two recess periods that happen throughout the day. The morning recess is at 10:30am and the afternoon recess is at 2:30pm. They are 20 minutes in length. Whenever possible, they take place outdoors.
  • Lunch Hour  runs from 12-1pm. The first half is indoors and allows campers time to eat their lunches. The second half (if weather permits) is outdoors.

Camper:Instructor Ratio

For our camps, for ages 3-6 we maintain an 8:1 ratio and for ages 6-14 we maintain a 10:1 ratio (campers to camp staff). Camps with over 10 campers will have a Camp Assistant within the classroom or, in some cases, two Camp Instructors at all times.


Our camps do not require a specific dress code, although some camps may require your child to wear:

  • clothing that allows for a free range of motion (for all dance and theatre camps)
  • clothing that can get dirty/messy (for all visual art camps)
  • specific costume items (for some theatre camps). These costume requests will be communicated with families by e-mail or a note home and typically require your child to wear neutral coloured items and will not require you to purchase any new clothing for your child, if possible. We have a costume room and are able to supply specialty costume and prop items for performing arts camps.

Because we spend part of our day outdoors, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor weather depending on the season. In the winter or during rainy/muddy weather, please also bring indoor shoes. In the summer time, we purchase camp shirts for all campers that read “I heart the arts” that campers are required to wear each day for safety reasons when we are travelling to and from outdoor spaces. Please note: your child’s correct size may not be fulfilled as we order shirts no later than one month in advance to camps based on enrolment estimates.

Creative Kids Funding

For families with financial need, you can apply to funding from Creative Kids Saskatchewan. We can’t register a child in our programs until the funding from is approved. However, you should contact our Student Services Office, so, we can take your child’s name and your contact information and create a customer account for you. When we hear back from Creative Kids, we will be able to contact you to enroll your child. Creative Kids will send you a letter if your funding is approved and our Student Services Office also receives a list of students. If we have a client account for you, we will contact you when we receive this list. Otherwise, you can contact our Student Services Office when you receive your letter. The Program Coordinator has guaranteed that there will be spots in camps for families that receive Creative Kids funding. 

Fees and Pricing

Camp fees are calculated based on a rate of $50/day (Full Day Camps) and $30/day (Half Day Camps), however, you are required to pay for a full week of camp in all cases, as our staffing remains the same even if your child cannot attend one day of the full week of camps. For example: a five-day full day camp is $250/week. This fee includes free early drop-off/late pick-up (see under Camp Schedule and Break Times above) and all materials fees (no additional fees on top of this price).

Food and Lunches

During the camp week you are expected to pack your child’s lunch and snack for the week. If your child is only in a half day camp, please only pack a snack, unless your child is staying during the lunch hour for early drop-off and late pick-up. Due to a range of dietary restrictions and food allergies we face each year, we do not prepare food for campers. However, in the summer we will usually provide allergen free freezies or popsicles at the end of the camp week to beat the heat. We expect all food items in your child’s lunch and snack to be nut-free. Microwaves may not be available in all camp locations. We expect all campers to bring a water bottle with them to camp, however, there are water fountains available in our camp spaces if your child forgets their water bottle at home.

Friday Performances

At the end of the camp week, all groups participate in an art show or staged performance to showcase what they have learned during the week. Groups perform back-to-back in the last hour of camp, so, the morning can be used for rehearsals, performance preparation, and additional lessons. We typically invite campers’ families and close friends to these shows. Each group’s performance will usually be no longer than 15 minutes in length (except our 2-week Senior Glee Camps). This showcase provides the opportunity for campers to see what their friends in other camps have been working on all week and to be inspired by other art forms. If you child is nervous or shy about performing, we often plan for campers to wear many hats throughout the week (ie: stage manager, narrator, sound/light technician, set designer, etc), so, every child feels included in the performance, even if they may be uncomfortable on stage. However, we work hard to help campers build self-confidence and ensure goals are manageable throughout the week, so, campers feel empowered and comfortable to take to the stage on Fridays.


During the registration process, we ask families for permission to photograph your child throughout the camp week; this is optional. However, all students will have one security photo taken on the first day to ensure we have a recent photo of your child on file for the week. This security photo is necessary for the University of Regina Camps Missing Child Protocol. For families who have indicated "Yes" to photo permissions, photos are posted on Facebook after the camp week has ended and can be used in future promotional material for the Conservatory of Performing Arts. Go to the Conservatory of Performing Arts' Facebook Page to view photos from previous camp sessions.


For half day camps for ages 3-6 the content is the same in the morning and afternoon. Campers ages 5 or under cannot stay for a full day of camp. As well, we expect all campers at this age to be potty-trained before joining us for camps, as we do not have private washrooms and facilities like a daycare centre. For children that are ages 3-4, please pack an extra change of clothes in a backpack or bag in case accidents do happen.


Links to register for our camps can be found on our Day Camp pages or you can head to our Online Registration System to search for camps and classes. If you are having any problems with registration and creating your online account or you would like to register in person, you can contact or visit our Student Services Office. During registration you will be asked to sign a waiver, which includes our withdrawal/refund policy. The most up-to-date policies can be found on our Student Services Policies page. If a camp is already full, you can request to be added to a wait list in our Online Registration System or by contacting our Student Services Office. Don't hesitate to join our wait lists because if there is enough interest and we can find staff, we will add instructors or sessions to expand registration. 

Technology Usage

Cellphone usage is strictly prohibited for campers during the camp day, unless a child is required to use their phone for medical reasons noted on their permissions form. Handheld gaming systems and eReaders are also discouraged (we are not responsible for any lost or stolen electronics) but they are permitted to be used during break times only. While your child's cellphone may have mobile games or books, we cannot monitor your child’s usage and they could be using their phone to text friends (discourages interactions with their peers), look up age inappropriate content to share with other campers (we have campers ages 3-14), or post camp photos on social media (can infringe on photography permissions of campers). In some cases, instructors may encourage usage of a cellphone for research (ex: Scriptwriting or Songwriting), but it is at the discretion of the instructor. Camp staff will be on their cellphones as we use a messenger app to communicate camp information (ex: early pick-ups, classroom issues, and more), as camp rooms are located on separate floors/areas on the campus.