Camp Staff

Our Camp Staff are passionate about the arts and can’t wait to share their passion with your child!

Camp Instructors are experienced artists and educators with degrees in Arts Education or Fine Arts. Under the supervision and guidance of the Program Coordinator they develop the curriculum and lessons based on the camp themes for the year. They bring their expertise to the table to ensure our Camp Values are being met each day at our camps and students reach attainable goals throughout the week in the arts area being studied.
Camp Coordinators or Program Assistants are typically post-secondary students studying in the fields of Arts Administration, Arts Education, or Fine Arts. They work directly under the Program Coordinator and assist in important camp administration tasks.
Camp Assistants are typically post-secondary students studying in the fields of Arts Education or Fine Arts. They work directly under a Camp Instructor for the week and assist with classroom needs. In addition, they are responsible for the supervision of campers during our Camp Break Times.

Camp Volunteers are high school students ages 15+ looking to expand their experience working in the field of arts education. Volunteers shadow a Camp Instructor for half days throughout the week. This provides a great opportunity to learn best practices in arts education but also to build community connections with artists and educators as students seek to pursue studies in arts or education. Camp Volunteers take breaks with the Camp Instructors. Contact our Program Coordinator to learn more about volunteering.

All staff are trained in our camp policies and procedures prior to working in our camps and are required to submit a satisfactory Criminal Record Check before employment.

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