Arts Programming for Young Learners

The Conservatory of Performing Arts' Early Learning Group Programs place an emphasis on the arts—music, dance, movement, and more—while your child is acquiring skills like early language comprehension, numbers, and all-important social skills.

Arts-Focused Curriculum

We believe the arts are an essential aspect in the healthy development of any young person and the curricula we teach are holistic, responsive, and developmentally appropriate. We draw on the resources already present at the Conservatory all to enrich children and yield an early appreciation for the arts in a nurturing environment. Children will sing, dance, act, play instruments, and CREATE! Focus will be placed on your child's development using the arts as our vehicle.

Which program is best for my child?

We all learn in different ways and your child is no different; there is no one-size fits all program that is perfect for every beginner child. Suzuki Method programs place an emphasis on aural learning (skills are acquired similar to language acquisition), while others are kinesthetic focused like Introduction to Music (lots of moving and focusing on body as we play together). Sometimes it is better to choose based on the instrument, if you know your child has expressed interested in learning string, brass, or woodwind instruments. Most programs below require some family involvement, which means your whole family needs to be committed to the course before you enroll. If you want more guidance to figure out which program will be right for your family, please contact our Program Coordinator.

Our Early Learning Group Programs are suitable for students under 10 years old.

Program Name Ages Arts Area or Instrument
Music Moves for Kids 0-3 Theory, Voice, Movement
Music for Young Children 3-7 Piano, Theory, Voice
Youth Strings Program (formerly Child/Parent Strings) 3-7 Cello, Violin
Introduction to Music 4-6.5 Theory, Voice, Movement
Mini & Junior Glee 4-8 Musical Theatre
Youth Pocket Trumpet 5-10 Trumpet
Prairie Kids Chorus 7-14 Voice, Choir

Did you miss our registration deadlines for the courses above? Private Music Lessons can start at anytime of the year! See What Age is Right then fill in our Private Lesson Placement form to start your child's musical journey in this instrument area. Piano is also offered in some studios for children as young as 3 years old, view our Instructor Profiles to learn more.