Introduction to Music

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In the Conservatory Introduction to Music classes toddlers and kids get a great start to learning the basics of music theory in a fun, supportive, and age appropriate environment.

Private Lessons are available for children as young as 3, but only in some instruments. There are many instruments kids cannot learn until they are at least 9 or 10 either due to the physical size of the instrument or biological considerations like lung capacity! Introduction to Music classes are the perfect way to set your child up for success when they are big enough to hold the instrument of their choice!

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Program Term Delivery Method Courses Ages
Introduction to Music Winter Term In Person 4-6.5

*New students who join this program in January will join students who started this program in September. Spots are limited to fill the remaining seats in this program.

Introduction to Music

Introduction to Music classes are the perfect testers built to engage your child in the joys of music making before they join a specific instrument in Private Lessons. Classes will include introductions to musical concepts through play, song, and age appropriate activities your child is sure to love. Family members that join will learn just as much as their child and will gain new songs to listen to at home, basic musical concepts to engage with play, and creative ways to build musical literacy in your child. Your child will also be exposed to a variety of orchestral instruments as we listen to new repertoire each week, as well as, piano as the instructor plays along with our singing each week. This program is taught by Allison Luff.

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