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MYC logoMusic for Young Children (MYC) has provided enriching, empowering, and enjoyable music experiences since 1980. This child-centred music-learning system integrates keyboard, creative movement, rhythm, singing, ear training, sight reading, music theory, and composition to develop a firm, fundamental understanding of music for both children and parents. Our MYC program is led by Private Lesson instructor Megan Fries. MYC teachers meet specific piano-performance and music-theory qualifications, receive special program training, and are assessed to ensure consistently high music education standards. By the end of the Moonbeams levels, children are well prepared for early intermediate piano studies or study in another instrument area.

For all MYC classes a $100 deposit applied to materials is due at registration, with 10 scheduled payments starting September 1, then on the first of the month from October 1 - June 1. Classes are 60 minutes of lesson time a week. Courses are $120/month + $100 deposit for materials.

Please note: due to instructor availability, no new students are being accepted in 2022-23. All courses below are for previous students. We recommend all families interested in piano go to our Private Lessons section to learn more about learning piano in one-on-one lessons at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If your child has previous piano playing experience, Private Lessons could be a better fit than MYC, as your child can learn at their own pace. More class information can be found in our online registration system or by clicking on the course links below. Browse all of our registration options.

Curriculum Term Delivery Method Courses Ages
Bright Ideas Full Year In Person Level 2* 7-12
Sunbeams Winter/ Spring In Person 3-7
Sunshine Full Year In Person Level 2* (4:00pm) 3-4

*Prerequisite learning required. Click for details.

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