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Musical sounds surround a child, even before birth. Whether a child is listening to music, singing a song, or moving creatively to the sounds around them, music is a vital part of a child's life. Music enables children to express feelings and release energies and emotions in new and novel ways.

Early childhood is an opportune time to reinforce children's natural music abilities. Although music is not a language, music is learned in much the same way that a language is learned. Children need to hear and experiment with extensive amounts of language before they actually learn to speak, read and write. Similarly, children need to hear a wide variety of music and experiment with it before they can sing, chant, read and write music! Just as children typically can learn to use and understand language, children can use and understand music!

Music Moves for Kids classes are a great fit for families that want to get musical before your child is old enough for lessons in a particular instrument. Private Lessons don't start for children until they are 3 or 4, but only in some instruments. There are many instruments kids cannot learn until they are at least 9 or 10 either due to the physical size of the instrument or biological considerations like lung capacity!

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Program Term Delivery Method Courses Ages
Music Moves for Kids Winter Term In Person 0-3
Music Moves for Kids Spring Term In Person 0-3

Music Moves for Kids

Music Moves for Kids classes are 10-week classes designed to build a strong foundation for your child's continued music learning throughout their life. Music Moves for Kids guides the innate music capacities of newborns/toddlers, while giving adult caregivers the techniques to guide musical learning while at home.

An adult caregiver (ex: parent, grandparent, uncle/aunt, guardian, or others) must attend each class with your child, this does not have to be the same person each week but it is encouraged for continuity. The primary purpose of the adult caregiver is to help maintain a safe environment. Adult caregivers will also learn new repertoire of songs and become familiar with how to nurture your child's music behaviours at home. Adult caregivers do not need to be musicians to enjoy what happens in class or to be of musical value to your child. Music Moves for Kids can be a learning experience for the whole family!

Classes expose children to a wide repertoire of songs and chants. Teachers model simple, creative movements and encourage children to move. Props such as scarves, balls, egg shakers, and hoops are utilized to help children engage. Class activities are orchestrated to create a playful environment where music becomes the toy.

Children are encouraged to interact with the music in whatever way they feel most comfortable. Facilitating music interaction and building upon children's natural responses are key components of a Music Moves for Kids class. There are no right or wrong responses to the music and movement activities in class and every child's uniqueness is valued!

These classes are led by Gregory Chase and Sarah Frostad.

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