Karen Barrie

Conservatory Instructor
Piano, Theory

In Her Studio:
Karen Barrie teaches piano at the Conservatory. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge, skill and love of music with others. She teaches students age 4 & up in a caring and encouraging environment. She is committed to her students and always eager to help them as they progress on their musical journey. From the beginning a strong musical foundation & understanding will be established so that the student can smoothly transition into the the RCM Curriculum. (Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto) Students will receive formal training in their skill development as well as a comprehensive understanding of the language of music. Karen strongly encourages students to take RCM exams and pieces are chosen according to the student’s likes, ability and personality! Her students have received excellent results on their RCM exams, many receiving Gold Medals for their outstanding results! She also encourages students to participate in Conservatory recitals, participation in the Regina Music Festival is optional. At the first lesson Karen will advise regarding necessary books, supplies as well as acquiring a piano. An electric piano with 88 weighted keys is acceptable for beginners but an acoustic piano will be required as the student progresses in the RCM levels. Online lessons will be available remotely if required by either the student or the teacher. Practice is of utmost importance and will be discussed with each student at the lesson. Karen is currently accepting new students, the cost of lessons is $63 per hour. With supportive and committed parents at home every child can be successful! Karen would be happy to help your child discover his/ her potential and develop to their highest ability.
Karen began piano at the age of 7, she was very busy practicing & studying throughout her elementary and high school years. She had several teachers but the most influential were Pauline Duncan, Dr. Joan Miller and Theresa Fleming. She acquired an Associate in Piano Performance (A.R.C.T.) from the Royal Conservatory of Music and also received the Silver Medal for the highest mark in Saskatchewan for her Grade 10 Piano exam. She also holds a Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) from the University of Regina. Throughout her life she has had many opportunities to play such as church services, weddings, funerals, high school choirs, high school musicals, church soloist & handbell ringer, accompanist for band festivals, recitals, music festival as well as family gatherings. Music has always been an integral part of her life and it’s one of the greatest gifts her parents gave her. The benefits have been endless and she’s forever grateful! In addition to teaching piano, Karen she enjoys taking care of her flowers learning to play the harp, and spending time with her family.
  • A.R.C.T.
  • B. Ed.

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