Adrian Casas

Conservatory String Orchestra Director, Conservatory Youth Orchestra Director
Regina Community Orchestra Director


Adrian Casas is a vibrant and active member of the music community in Saskatchewan through his work as an educator, performer, and conductor. He has gained widespread recognition in the province for his immaculate conducting technique, inspiring performances, and engaging presence on the podium. His method of teaching and conducting has fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who wish to learn and perform music. He co-founded Concertino Regina, a chamber music organization that promotes the continuing education and professional development of musicians, delivers free conducting instructional videos through Virtual Sheet Music, and was a Saskatchewan Orchestral Association board member before becoming the president in 2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic, his leadership in Saskatchewan Orchestral Association has been crucial to the survival of the orchestral community in the province.

Adrian’s musical journey began at the age of twelve, when he sought out any piano and theory method books he could find to begin as a self-taught piano student. Growing up in a working-class family without musical background in Mexico City, Adrian had limited access to formal music education at an early age. These circumstances did not stop his passion for music. In 1999, Adrian decided to enroll at the Mexico State Fine Arts School, where he studied violin, piano, and opera voice. Two years later, he won a competition to study at the prestigious National Conservatory of Music of Mexico, where many famous alumni such as Placido Domingo, Rolando Villazón, Manuel M. Ponce, Carlos Chavez, and Carlos Prieto have attended.

In search for a better life, Adrian moved to Canada in 2005 to study violin with Eduard Minevich at the University of Regina. It is at the University of Regina that his passion for conducting began, studying with Brent Ghiglione and Dr. Dominic Gregorio, and earning a Bachelor of Music Performance and a Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting. Recognized for his artistry and baton precision, Adrian was appointed Assistant Conductor for the string orchestras at the University Regina Conservatory of Performing Arts in 2010. In 2011, he also attended the International Saito Conducting workshop, and began a mentorship with renowned Saito Method expert Wayne Toews, where he acquired the sophisticated conducting technique that characterizes him to this day.

After taking a leave to win the battle against cancer, Adrian was appointed music director of the Regina Community Orchestra in 2013. Since his appointment, Adrian has been committed to bringing high quality orchestral concerts to diverse audiences and venues by taking performances from the traditional concert hall to hospitals, care homes, and community centers. He has also served as both Assistant Conductor and Interim Music Director for the University of Regina Orchestra, where his focus has been to bring new life to the vibrant symphonic repertoire of contemporary and classical composers from Mexico, introducing emerging musicians to diverse and exciting orchestral repertoire.

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