Robyn Clay

Conservatory Instructor
Piano, Theory, History

In Her Studio:

Robyn Clay teaches piano, theory, and history with the Conservatory. Lessons with Robyn cost $57 per hour. She is accepting students at this time. Robyn will teach students ages 4 and up, and prefers to teach beginners, but will take more advanced students. In Robyn’s studio, students are not required to work towards exams or music festival, but are encouraged to participate in recitals. She teaches classical (RCM), pop, and musical theatre music. Robyn requires students to supply their own notebook. An electric piano is okay for beginners to practice on, so long as it has 88 weighted keys, and Robyn encourages students to practice a minimum of 15 minutes daily.


Robyn Clay began her piano education with the Music for Young Children program at the age of seven. Robyn went on to do her grade eight piano with RCM, as well as intermediate theory and advanced history courses. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Culture, with a Music History minor, and a Bachelor of Education After Degree in Arts Education, with a Music major and a Literature minor, both from the University of Regina. Robyn has studied under Sandra Cosbey, Laura Pettigrew, and Barbara Reul. She also spent a semester at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, studying under Charles Austen. Robyn has been teaching piano for almost fifteen years. Bringing her piano education full circle, she has recently completed her Music for Young Children Level One Training.

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