Katie Nadoroznick

Group Program Instructor
Musical Theatre & Drama

Katie was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She began dance lessons when she was just three years old, continued dancing for 13 years, and has her grade 5 ballet. In high school, Katie took many drama and visual arts classes as well as was on the cheerleading team. She quickly found dancing and creating to be passions of hers. Katie received her Arts Education degree from the University of Regina in 2020, with a concentration in secondary Literature. She started teaching in 2020, and has now taught Visual Art, English and Drama classes in high schools. Throughout her postsecondary schooling, Katie had the opportunity to learn much more about all strands of art. She had galleries filled, creative dance and choreography practice, created narrative through movement, learned new instrument’s and volunteered. During her internship, Katie was one of the GSA leaders, she conducted a band and choir, taught arts classes, and taught drama and dance. Katie has assisted the Senior Glee fall program for two years, instructed the senior glee program once, has instructed in multiple summer camps 2 consecutive years, and has instructed Broadway Genius twice. Katie is so excited to be learning and creating with the young artists of the conservatory this year!
In her spare time, she enjoys creative writing, acting, yoga, running, dancing and painting.