Karley Parovsky

Conservatory Instructor, Head Child-Parent Strings Program

In Her Studio:

Karley Parovsky teaches violin and fiddle at the Conservatory.


Karley Parovsky is a violin/fiddle teacher and performer located out of Regina Saskatchewan. Growing up, Karley studied violin through the Conservatory of Performing Arts which set her roots in the realm of Classical music. She has been performing with the Regina Symphony Orchestra for the past 14 years. The Conservatory is now her home base where she has been teaching private lessons. Karley is the head of the Conservatory based Child/Parent string program. In this position Karley is able to mix her passion of music with community building.

Over the past few years Karley has expanded into other genres of music, incorporating them into her own style of playing and teaching. Karley has travelled abroad and studied with great violin/fiddle masters such as Marc O’Connor, Matt Glaser and Alasdair Fraser, to list a few. These influences have led to many ventures in both performing and teaching. Karley is involved in pioneering the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s Outreach program ‘Strings for Change’. Karley is also a co-creator of Viva Violins, an organization which provides musical education during the summer months. Viva Violins gives young violinists a chance to explore various styles of music including classical, celtic, bluegrass and pop. 2015 will be the camp’s fourth consecutive summer.

Karley’s newest venture has been her Jam Class which is held at the Artful Dodger. This weekly drop in class teaches improvisation and chording techniques while building a repertoire in many diverse styles of fiddle and folk genres. As well as teaching Karley has performed with many local groups such as The Dead South, Scott Richmond, DownBeat, 2beats and a hat, Rebecca Lascue, Julia McDougall, the Down Home Boys and Class Act Theatre Company. She has for the past two years also been one of four fiddlers in the Brady Academy of Dance show ‘Celtic Ireland’, at Folklarama in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Most recently Karley has recorded violin tracks for the Andino Suns newest album which was released on September 17, 2016.

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