Lana Ramsay

Conservatory Instructor
Suzuki Piano

In Her Studio:

Lana Ramsay teaches Suzuki Piano with the Conservatory, and is accepting students at this time. Lessons with Lana cost $63 per hour if instruction. She starts students ages 4 and up in the Suzuki method, and will also teach older students who have had other instruction. In Lana’s studio, students are not required to participate in music festival, but are strongly encouraged to participate in recitals and exams. She teaches classical music, but often supplements with contemporary repertoire or jazzy pieces. Lana requires students to supply their own books, a piano to practice on at home (preferably acoustic), and she tailors her practice expectations to the individual student.


Mrs. Lana Ramsay was born in Watson, Saskatchewan and received her early piano training with the Ursuline Sisters in Englefeld, Humboldt, and Bruno followed by studies in Saskatoon with Lyell Gustin and Robin Harrison. Further study brought her to Lawrence, KS, where she participated in Master lessons with American pianist, Leon Fleischer and graduated from the U of Kansas with a B.Mus. in Piano Performance. While in Kansas, Lana was introduced to the Suzuki Piano Method and took initial teacher training there. Returning to Sask., she continued Suzuki teacher training and established her piano studio in Regina. Presently Mrs. Ramsay resides in Grand Coulee, SK with her husband, Doug. She is an experienced teacher in both the Suzuki and traditional approaches. She regularly teaches at the Calgary and Edmonton Suzuki Piano workshops.

She is passionate in her love for children, is firm in her belief that “all children can learn” if given the right environment (Dr. Suzuki). As a mother of four grown children, all of whom studied piano and other instruments, she understands the challenges and joys of music learning.

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