Don Waite

Conservatory Instructor

In His Studio:

Don Waite teaches guitar and renaissance lute with the Conservatory. Lessons with Don cost $60 per hour of instruction. He is accepting students at this time. Don will teach students ages 10 and up, and prefers to teach beginner students but is capable of teaching up to an advanced level. In Don’s studio, students are encouraged to work towards exams, strongly urged to participate in recitals, and not required to participate in Music Festival. He teaches classical music, in the Toronto Conservatory and Andrew Sherer methods. Don requires students to supply their own instrument, though Don will tell students what to buy/rent. Don will tell them what books to buy, as well. Don expects his students to play every day - different warmups for different levels. His preferred student is one who is seriously interested in guitar as an instrument.


Dr. Waite has taught classical guitar at the University of Regina’s Conservatory of Performing Arts since 1976. He studied guitar with Gerry Frey (Elmira, Ontario) and Douglas Chapman (University of Saskatchewan) and in workshops and master classes with Pierre Augé, George Sakalariou, Ako Ito and Henri Dorigny, Jaime Valenzuela, Margarita Escarpa and John Giulart. Don studied voice with Ben Van Der Gucht, Betty Hayes and Garnet Brooks and music theory with Ursula Patterson and Kathy Keple, completing the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) Grade 9 with Distinction and Grade 3 Harmony and History.

Don has written many “songs about science” to teach about the environment, including five 1-act musicals which have been performed throughout North America. Don is a musician/scientist with the Regina Public School Board CREATE program. Don performs as guitarist and vocalist at various venues, as a soloist in “Singing About Science” with the Regina Public School Board, and conducts workshops on the use of music to teach and communicate science throughout the province. Don also is a member of the Luther College Bach Choir.

  • BSc - Sir George Williams University
  • MSc - University of Saskatchewan
  • PhD - University of Waterloo

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