About Group Classes

Our Programs

In our group programs the following guides our planning and program creation:

  1. The arts are for all – we create access points to learn the basics of the arts in an environment that is inclusive and supportive. We create programs in cooperation with our community of artists and educators by keeping in tune with community needs and interests.
  2. Quality arts education leads to lifelong learners and arts supporters – our educators hold degrees in arts education or the arts and are passionate about the arts and share that passion with our students. Quality education also means responding to the needs of our learners in a positive way to ensure they are empowered to learn and continue learning.
  3. The creative potential of our community requires our unwavering support – we commit to empowering our community of artists working in a variety of arts disciplines by providing engaging employment opportunities. In addition, we commit to champion our community members interested in supporting and learning more about the arts.

Group programs are managed and administered by the Conservatory Program Coordinator.

Our Instructors

Many of our instructors also teach Private Lessons in our studios, however, our other instructors are community members and working artists or educators wishing to share new skills with our community. Browse Our Instructors.

Our Students

We serve newborns to seniors in our group programs. While most courses are geared towards a specific age group, we also offer family programs for all generations of learners. Our group courses are open enrollment and for any member of the community (you do NOT need to be a U of R student to register).

Policies and Dates

Registration Periods

Most of our group classes will only take new students in September and January due to the performative nature of our programs (ex: a theatre production is cast in the second or third class, so, new students would not have a role available if they start late). We also offer some courses that are a weekend long or 4-weeks in length, so, check our Online Registration System during the terms for current course options available. Programs like Pipe Band, Youth Strings Program, and Prairie Kids Chorus have ongoing registration, where you can register at anytime of year with the fee prorated. Most courses only have a Fall and Winter term intake for new students.

Term Month Classes Start Registration Start
Fall September June 15
Winter January-April November 15

Registration and Withdrawal Policy

Links to register for our group classes can be found on our Group Classes page or you can head to our Online Registration System to search for available programs. If you are having any problems with registration and creating your online account or you would like to register in person, you can contact or visit our Student & Instructor Services Non-Credit Office (SISNC). During registration you will be asked to sign a waiver, which includes our withdrawal/refund policy and media permissions form. The most up-to-date policies can be found on our Student & Instructor Services Policies page. If a class is already full, you can request to be added to a waiting list in our Online Registration System or by contacting our SISNC Office (306-585-5748). Don't hesitate to join our waiting lists because if there is enough interest and we can find staff, we will add instructors or sessions to expand registration.

Price and Payment

Full payment is required at registration for most group programs. Only some courses have Payment Plan options available including our Music for Young Children programs. Courses fees can range from $10 for a one time course (drop-in workshop) to $1020/year (Music for Young Children). Many factors go into determining course fees including instructors rates, supply/material fees, accompanist rates, and other expenses.

Minimum Enrollment

Unless a grant has been noted, all courses are funded solely through registration fees and require minimum enrollment in order to run. We recommend enrolling at least 2 weeks before a course start date, so, we can ensure we have reached our minimum enrollment to run our courses. Courses are cancelled 5 business days prior to the course start date if the minimum enrollment has not been reached.