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Dance classes at the Conservatory are for adults and families. Learn through cultural dance styles like Powwow and Flamenco, in these courses designed for a range of experience levels.


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Contemporary Dance

Led by dancer and choreographer, Karen Rose, these classes are designed to be suitable for all experience levels from beginners with no prior dance experience to seasoned dancers looking for a casual environment to stretch their muscles and maintain their bodies. Rose’s Technique classes explore basics of contemporary dance from floor work, transitional movement phrasing, and traveling combinations like jumps, turns, and leaps. In Choreography classes, Rose will work with the class to create choreography, resulting in a dance piece that will be performed at the end of each session. Sessions occur on the following days: A = Sunday afternoons, B = Friday evenings, C = Monday mornings.

  • Winter (Jan start): Technique A, B, C  - register for these classes using FlexReg; pick and choose classes from sessions A (Sundays), B (Fridays), or C (Mondays) one at a time to add into your schedule throughout the Winter Term. Perfect for dancers wishing to drop-in throughout the term as they are able. 20% discount applied automatically if you register for 3 or more weeks of Technique classes in one transactionCall our Student Services office if you are having any troubles with registering: 306-585-5748.
  • Spring (Apr start): Technique A, B, C
  • Winter (Jan start): Choreography A, Choreography B
  • Spring (Apr start): Choreography A, Choreography B

Introduction to Flamenco Dance - Instructors for Flamenco classes are from Flamenco Regina

The class introduces basic flamenco dance technique including footwork, arm and hand movements and rhythmic clapping. This course is required before moving onto Beginner 1 Flamenco.

Beginner 1 Flamenco Dance

Continue to explore the dynamic dance of Flamenco with techniques like footwork, rhythmic clapping (palmas), arm and hand movements and turns. Introduction to Flamenco or equivalent experience is a prerequisite for this class.

Intermediate/Advanced Flamenco Dance

Designed for experienced flamenco students, these classes will improve flamenco dance technique through more advanced footwork, arm movement and rhythmic clapping. There is continued emphasis on style, clarity and precision. Students will study a range of flamenco rhythms and learn associated choreography. Registration is by invitation only; audition is required for those who have not taken courses with Flamenco Regina before. Please contact to schedule an audition.

Beginner Powwow

Classes this fall are led by Men's Grass dancer, Trevor Cozart. Although the dance style is typically danced by men, all ages and gender orientations are welcome to attend the session. The session is 5 weeks long and is $10/person.


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