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Dance classes at the Conservatory are designed for dancers of all abilities. From Contemporary Dance to Flamenco, enjoy the opportunity to become more comfortable in your body and express yourself creatively through these unique dance forms.


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Contemporary Dance (ages 16+) 

Taught by dancer and choreographer, Karen Rose, these courses are designed to be suitable for all experience levels from beginners to seasoned dancers looking for a class to stretch, strengthen, and move. Rose’s Technique classes are based in Graham and Limon Techniques, and explore the basics of contemporary dance from floor work, transitional movement phrasing, and traveling combinations like jumps, turns, and leaps. Drop-in options available for Technique only for $15/class, discount of 20% if you register for 3 or more weeks in one transaction. In Choreography classes, Rose will work with the class to create choreography, resulting in a dance piece, including the option to perform at the end of each session. There is no drop-in option available for Choreography; you must attend all classes. These courses run on Sunday afternoons in the fall.

Beginner Flamenco Dance (ages 16+)

The class introduces basic flamenco dance technique including footwork, arm and hand movements and rhythmic clapping.  Instructors for Flamenco classes are from Flamenco Regina.

Fall (Sep start):

  • Level 1
  • Level 2 (Level 1 or equivalent experience is a prerequisite)

Intermediate/Advanced Flamenco Dance (ages 16+)

Designed for experienced flamenco students, these classes will improve flamenco dance technique through more advanced footwork, arm movement and rhythmic clapping. There is continued emphasis on style, clarity and precision. Students will study a range of flamenco rhythms and learn associated choreography. Registration is by invitation only; audition is required for those who have not taken courses with Flamenco Regina before. Please contact to schedule an audition.

Dance Fusion Programs (ages 16+)

Experience a combination of techniques in these unique courses led by dancer and choreographer, Karen Rose. Our Dance Fusion Programs run on Tuesday nights.

Fall (Sep start):

Powwow Dance (ages 6+)

Learn traditional dances and explore music used in powwow dance in this class designed for all levels and abilities of dancers. These courses are perfect for all generations to learn together. Please note: children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

Dancehall (ages 16+)

Join us for fun on a Friday night as you learn about and dance to this genre of music/dance originating from Jamaica. This class is led by Lindsay Cottin.

Fall (Sep start):

Bellydance (ages 16+)

Enjoy this basic introduction to bellydance led by Lindsay Cottin.

Fall (Sep start):


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