Group Music Classes

At the Conservatory of Performing Arts we have a multitude of musical learning opportunities for youth to seniors.

Strings From guitars to cellos, discover the joy of playing and exploring a string instrument.
Voice & Choir Develop vocal skills and performance techniques with an emphasis on fun and friendships.
Pipe & Drum Play your pipes and drums loud and proud! Students gain exposure to a wide variety of musical influences as well as elements of Scottish culture.
Musicianship & Theory Learn the language of music and develop your music literacy.
Winds & Brass Our Suzuki trumpet program is the first in the province!

Group Classes with Private Lessons

Some of our group classes require a private lesson component or are offered through our private lesson instructors.

Suzuki Piano Children learn to play the piano through their natural senses – listen, touch, and imitate.
Child/Parent Strings Your child will learn violin or cello enriched by a supportive group environment.
Music Coaching Build your own group music class in cooperation with one of our Private Lesson instructors.