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UPDATE: The primary method of delivery in Winter 2022 will be in person, however many programs will remain available for remote/online learning. Learn more about how remote classes work on our About The Conservatory.

About Our Classes

Learn about and build connections with other enthusiastic percussionists. More class information can be found in our online registration system or by clicking on the course links below. Browse all of our registration options.

Program Term Courses Ages
Drumline Winter 2022 Percussion Basics^ 8-15
^Group percussion classes are not available at this time. For an introduction to percussion, we recommend joining the Conservatory Pipe Band: Beginner Scottish Drum program. This program provides a very solid percussion foundation while your child studies Scottish pipe and drum band repertoire.

Percussion Basics

Our Conservatory Drumline instructor Les Schaeffer, offers special courses for beginners interested in learning snare drum.

What is Drumline?

The Conservatory Drumline is a band made entirely of percussionists. In a drumline, students are not just learning about percussion basics, they learn basic music theory, build teamwork as they work with an ensemble, and form lifelong friendships with other youth. From school band percussionists to drum kit players, all aspiring percussionists are welcome to join. Drumlines are ensembles typically found in a marching band or drum and bugle corps, however, a drumline can be its own music ensemble. Drumlines are popular in the United States and you will often see them perform their intricately choreographed and high energy pieces at pep rallies and during organized sports events like football or basketball games. Look at the Chicago Bulls Stampede Drumline, MSU Drumline, and our province's own Rider Drumline for examples of drumlines. There are five key instruments: snare drum, tenor drum, bass drum, drum kit, and cymbals. Students will be placed in certain instruments based on interest and previous experience. Beginners typically start on snare drum and move onto other drums when they are ready. This group is led by Les Schaeffer and Chris Worthington. Read more in our Instructor Biographies

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