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Pipe and Drum

UPDATE: All Group Classes are being offered exclusively through REMOTE and ONLINE DELIVERY in Fall 2020 and Winter 2021. Click on the course links below for details or learn more on our About The Conservatory page.

About Our Classes

You do NOT need to be Scottish to love bagpipes! Scottish Piping and Drumming is a unique and culturally rich musical style performed around the world. The Conservatory pipe and drum programs include the Conservatory Pipe Band, beginner Scottish bagpipes and drums, and various courses for adults. Students learn both solo and band skills, while working as a team to improve the band. Instruction in bagpipes and snare and tenor/bass drums is based on Scotland’s Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board guidelines and on the long experience of the teaching staff in producing excellent musicians. 

Our programs would not be possible without the generous support of the City of Regina Pipe Band and the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association. In the summer, the Saskatchewan Pipe Band Association runs a summer school called Sound Advice, for both new and experienced students interested in Scottish Piping and Drumming.

If you are an adult that is new to bagpipes, see our Private Lessons pages for one-on-one lessons from instructor Iain MacDonald. More class information can be found in our online registration system or by clicking on the course links below. Browse all of our registration options.

Program Term Courses Ages
Bagpipe Studies Winter Bagpipe Studies* 16+
Conservatory Pipe Band Winter Beginner Scottish Bagpipes or Drums, Rehearsal Group* 8-20
Piobaireachd Winter Ten Piobaireachd* 16+

*Previous playing or course pre-requisite required before joining this program. Check for details.

Bagpipe Studies

This class is for adults who can play the bagpipes and who want to expand their repertoire and learning. It includes the study of several new tunes, a simple piobaireachd, canntaireachd [Gaelic vocables] and further work on bagpipe sound and playing technique.

Conservatory Pipe Band

The Conservatory Pipe Band is open to all interested youth and features an engaging, positive environment for learning to play bagpipes and drums. Regina’s only youth pipe band is instructed by Saskatchewan's most experienced pipe band musicians and performs at community events throughout the year.

Beginners interested in Scottish piping and drumming start in a Beginner Bagpipes or Drums. Students will learn on a practice chanter if learning the bagpipes or the practice pad if learning the drums. Students learn to read music, grace note groups, basic music theory, and a number of exercises and tunes. Students eventually join the Pipe Band - Rehearsal group when instructors feel they are ready.

Join anytime of the year, fee prorated based on registration date. Contact our Student Services Non-Credit Office to register after the course has started.


Ten Piobaireachd will feature a new piobaireachd each week for 10 weeks. This class is ideal for newer and intermediate piobaireachd players. The goal is not to learn and play each tune right away, but to provide you with insights and understanding on each piece that will allow you to study further on your own. Students will be provided with sheet music and recordings of the tunes. This course is led by Iain MacDonald. Tunes covered will be: Clan Campbell’s Gathering, Struan Robertson’s Salute, The Lament for the Little Supper, Sir James MacDonald of the Isles’ Lament, Lady Doyle’s Salute, The Glen is Mine, Grain in Hides-Corn in Sacks, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute, Lament for the Old Sword, and The Desperate Battle. These are some of the smaller, more accessible tunes in the piobaireachd repertoire, but each presenting its own musical challenge. 

What is piobaireachd?

  • Piob (peeb) means pipe
  • Piobaire (peebair) means piper
  • Piobaireachd (peeb-air-och or simplified to peebrock) means pipe/playing pipe music
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