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At the Conservatory string instruments are our specialty. Toddlers to seniors can learn to play this exciting instrument family.


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For Youth

Child/Parent Strings

See our Private Lesson Plus section for more information.

String Orchestra (ages 7-14)

This orchestra introduces students to playing music from a variety of periods and to working as an ensemble musician. New students are welcome to join in September or January following a placement exercise (to determine orchestra section) with our conductor.

Cello Drama! (ages 10+)

These courses offer cellists of beginner to advanced skills the opportunity to supplement weekly private lessons or String Orchestra with further engagement in their instrument. Cello Drama! Senior is led by Simon Fryer.

For Adults

Campfire Guitar (ages 16+)

This course will introduce beginner adult students to their first chords, singing while playing, and tuning their instrument. All Campfire Guitar programs are taught by Renee Coghill.

Cello Choir (ages 16+)

Held every other week during the year, this Cello Choir is for adult amateur cellists who want to play cello music together in a non-competitive, supportive group; everyone from beginners to advanced players is welcome. Join anytime of the year, fee prorated based on registration date. Contact our Student Services office to register after September.

Cello for Beginners (ages 16+)

Learn to play the cello with instructor Joel MacDonald. Instruments must be rented before the first class. There are no Cello for Beginners classes available for 2018-19. Please see Private Lessons for cello lessons.

  • Level 1 (Fall Term)
  • Level 2 (Winter Term)
  • Level 3 (Spring Term)

Ukulele (ages 16+)

An introduction to Hawaii’s small but mighty guitar-like musical instrument, students will learn to strum, chord and accompany songs. Level 2 continues to build skills learned in Level 1. There is no difference between Level 1 Afternoon and Evening the only difference is the time of day.


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