Musicianship and Theory

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Music theory is the language of music and can provide the foundation for many uses from songwriting to music appreciation. Musicianship classes are all about building your skills as a musician and often include explorations of music theory put into practical usage ranging from guided listening to honing technique in your instrument area.


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Jam Session (Group Improvisation) (ages 16+)

In this unique group improvisation workshop, facilitated by Philippe Bouchard, participants will listen, communicate, and play together with the goal of building and honing skills in the creation of spontaneous music. See more under our Workshops page.

Rock Revue (ages 10-14)

Experience being in a rock band! Under guidance from instructor Cory Christoph, up to 7 students will learn typical rock instruments and work together on up to three songs to perform for families and friends in a spectacular rock show. No prior musical experience is needed to join this group.

Winter (Mar start):


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