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Musical Theatre and Drama

UPDATE: All Group Classes are being offered exclusively through REMOTE and ONLINE DELIVERY in Fall 2020. Click on the course links below for details or learn more on our About The Conservatory page.

About Our Classes

Young peformers can gain experience acting, dancing, and/or singing in a positive environment where participation is encouraged and all skill levels are welcome. There is no audition required to join any of our theatre courses! Performances are the goal of these classes and this year due to the remote/online format, we will be producing virtual shows only.

In Fall 2020, we will only be registering from September-December (in previous years full year enrollment was required in September). An additional intake will be available Winter 2021.

Please Note: if your child is interested in singing but not dancing/acting, we have Private Lessons available in Musical Theatre in our Voice Department or we have a Youth Choir program. More class information can be found in our online registration system or by clicking on the course links below. Browse all of our registration options.

Program Term Courses Ages
Advanced Glee Fall 12-17
Broadway Genius Fall 12-17
Mini & Junior Glee Fall 5-8
Senior Glee Fall 8-12
Showtime Fall 10-15
Sock Opera Fall 6-10
Theatre Workshops Fall-Winter 10-16

Advanced Glee

Advancing skills from our Senior Glee program, students who have had some previous experience can join us for an exploration of more advanced technique and more mature musicals. Two sections of Advanced Glee are available and are split between ages 12-14 (Group 1) and 15-17 (Group 2). These courses are led by Karen Rose.

Broadway Genius

Create a short musical theatre production from beginning to end with your classmates and under the guidance of our musical theatre instructor, Katie Nadoroznick.

Mini & Junior Glee

Use this entry level class to learn about the music and dance pieces that go into musical theatre productions without rehearsing a whole play. We sing pop, rock, jazz, and music from musicals. Mini Glee is for ages 5-6 and Junior Glee is designed for ages 6-8. These courses are taught by Fallon Hantelman-Stewart.

Senior Glee

In this next step up from our Mini & Junior Glee, become a triple threat and dance, sing, AND act to create a show big enough for the stages on Broadway. Two sections of Senior Glee are available and are split between ages 8-10 (Group 1) and 10-12 (Group 2). These courses are led by Katie Nadoroznick (Tuesdays) and Karen Rose (Thursdays).


This performance-based class stages one act plays each term. No audition required to join. Showtime Junior is for ages 10-12 and Showtime Senior is for ages 13-15.

Sock Opera

Join instructor Sara Salazar in this fun sock puppet adventure! In a group setting, your child will create their own sock puppet, and work with others to write a one of a kind Sock Opera. This class is perfect for students who are fascinated by the world of musical theatre, but have not experienced the stage.

Theatre Workshops 

Under the expert guidance of our instructor Karen Rose, students will be able to learn new skills that will apply to any stage performance. Each workshop covers a new topic that will prepare aspiring actors for what they will encounter in their theatre career. Workshops are once a month for 1.5 hours on Saturdays.

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