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Visual Arts

UPDATE: The primary method of delivery in the fall will be in person, however many programs will remain available for remote/online learning. Learn more about how remote classes work on our About The Conservatory.

About Our Classes

Stretch your creative muscles with our visual arts programs designed for a variety of ages. More class information can be found in our online registration system or by clicking on the course links below. Browse all of our registration options.

Program Term Delivery Mode Courses Ages
Beadwork Fall In Person 8+
Cosplay Fall

In Person Remote

Filmmaking Fall Remote 10-15


Beadwork Projects

Each 4-week class will focus on different techniques and will include First Nations traditional teachings surrounding beadwork. These projects are led by Katelyn Ironstar and are for all generations of learners.


Get your child involved in the community of cosplay with the Conservatory Cosplay Club. Sara Salazar will guide children through the process of costume creation. Beginning with planning which character your child wants to be, she will show the group how to pick out clothing, modify clothing, create costume accessories, and more! Both remote and in-person classes are available this fall, so, youth across Saskatchewan can get involved!


In Video Content Creators, join our arts educator Erika Folnović to learn how to make short videos like your child's favourite YouTube Content Creators. Go from idea brainstorming to storyboarding to editing and dive into the creative process to learn the basics of telling digital stories through videos online.

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