Partners and Friends of the Conservatory

The Conservatory of Performing Arts continues to position itself as the outreach arm of the University of Regina and is proud to be a national leader in community engagement—a nucleus, or cultural centre for arts education in Regina and the surrounding area. This mission involves collaborations with: high profile organizations, cultural collectives, philanthropic groups, concert series, performing ensembles, music festivals, community organizations, educational programs, music retailers, and funding sponsors.


Many of our programs and special projects would not be possible without the financial support of the below organizations.


We receive support from a variety of organization to help promote and showcase our extremely talented students.

Curricular Champions

Our instructors receive exceptional professional support and educational resources from a variety of organizations that help them achieve their professional goals and allow our students reach their potential.

Friends of the Conservatory

These organizations help support the Conservatory community in a variety of different ways, including through their programs, concerts, access to resources, and more.