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Instructors and Instruments

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Instrument Group
Coaching Accompaniment Schaufele, Clark
Coaching Accompaniment Sgrazzutti, William
Coaching Accompaniment Stubbe, Lee
Woodwinds Bagpipes MacDonald, Iain
Strings Cello MacDonald, Joel
Strings Cello Majewski, Alaina
Woodwinds Clarinet van Betuw, Miranda
Woodwinds Flute Berthelet, Marie-Noelle
Woodwinds Flute Popoff, David
Strings Guitar Christoph, Cory
Strings Guitar Coghill, Renée
Strings Guitar Waite, Don
Strings Harp Denis, Cécile
Woodwinds Oboe Johnston, Tamsin
Piano and Organ Piano Barrie, Karen
Piano and Organ Piano Clay, Robyn
Piano and Organ Piano Dyck, Bev
Piano and Organ Piano Fries, Megan
Piano and Organ Piano Gibson, Wayne
Piano and Organ Piano Luff, Allison
Piano and Organ Piano Peyson Wahl, Cynthia
Piano and Organ Piano Popa, Stela
Piano and Organ Piano Potter, Lori
Piano and Organ Piano Schaufele, Clark
Piano and Organ Piano Stubbe, Lee
Woodwinds Saxophone Van Betuw, Miranda
Woodwinds Saxophone Tenford, Jennifer
Coaching Theory Barrie, Karen
Brass Trombone Dick, David
Brass Trombone Lareau, Joel
Brass Trumpet Newman, Miles
Strings Violin Constantinescu, Carmen
Strings Violin Sternadel, Rudolph
Vocal Voice Fries, Megan
Vocal Voice Gibson, Wayne
Vocal Voice Hall, Valerie
Vocal Voice Peyson Wahl, Cynthia
Vocal Voice Weber, Paula
Vocal Voice Welder, Lisa
Piano and Organ Piano Carey, Margaret
Vocal Voice Carey, Margaret
Strings Violin Carey, Margaret
Vocal Voice Woolhether, Alyssa
Strings Violin Parovsky, Karley
Percussion Percussion Gingras, Darcy
Strings Violin Hedlund, Andrea
Strings Violin/Viola Ward, Jonathan
Piano and Organ Pipe Organ Hall, Valerie
Woodwinds Saxophone Reschny, Trent
Brass Trombone Lareau, Joel
Vocal Voice Welder, Lisa
Woodwinds Clarinet Kim, Hyonsuk
Percussion Percussion Gibbs, Kory