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Music Coaching

Music Coaching is a "build your own music class" and is treated like shared private lessons. Pre-formed groups are encouraged to apply to have a coach and create goals and objectives that meet your unique musical needs. From string quartets to trombone ensembles, we can accomodate a range of needs. You can check-out our current instructor listing to get to know more about our instruments available for coaching.

Total Coaching Fees How the Fees are Structured
All ages 2-10 Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun $60/hr for a minimum of 10 x 1 hr sessions or $600/session The course fee is split evenly among course participants (e.g. 5 participants will pay $120 each for 10 sessions whereas 8 pay $75 each) and a course link is sent to participants to register

Please follow the below procedure for these courses:

1 Form your group/ensemble and determine your unique coaching needs.
2 Research our instructors and instruments available.
3 Fill in the placement form below.

Our program developer will use the information submitted in the form and begin to plan the schedule for your coaching sessions. This process includes: confirming we have an instructor available, ensuring the instructor understands your coaching needs, and checking rooms to ensure we can book your group for your preferred time and day. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for this inital planning to happen, so, plan to submit our form no later than two weeks before you wish to start your coaching sessions.


Once our program developer has finished Step 4 they will contact the main contact on the form to:

  • to confirm that the instructor and room are available OR
  • to develop new plans if your initial request cannot be fulfilled
6 Once the instructor, rooms, and dates are confirmed our program developer will create your group's unique course in our online registration system and send the main contact a private course link to distribute to ensemble/group members to register.
7 Only once all participants have registered, you are ready to start your coaching sessions! Because course fees are evenly split among participants, the course has not been paid for in full until everyone registers. Keep our program developer informed if the ensemble numbers change, so, fees can be structured accordingly.

Music Coaching Placement Form

Fill out this form if you wish to start a coaching session at the Conservatory of Performing Arts.

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Ensemble Information

Name of ensemble/group (if applicable)
*Instruments represented in ensemble OR for theory groups, please write "Theory" in this space
*Our group is made up of…
  • Novice musicians (no previous study in any music discipline)
  • Beginners (1-3 years of study)
  • Intermediate musicians (4-8 years of study)
  • Advanced musicians (8+ years of study)
  • A mixture of experience levels
*Number of musicians in ensemble/group
Age range of participants (youngest age to oldest age)
*Youngest member *Oldest member
*How many coaching sessions do you require?
You must register for a minimum of 10 sessions.

Main Contact Information

*Main contact full name
*Main contact telephone
*Main contact email
*Confirm E-mail
*Preferred method of contact Telephone Email

Coaching Information

What genre of music or theory exam level do you require coaching?
Please describe your group's coaching needs and expectations.
Do you have a coach in mind?

Let us know!

*When do you want to start your coaching session? What is your ensemble's availability?
Sep-Dec Jan-MarApr-Jun

Preferred Day

Preferred Time

Please note: A classroom or coach may not be available at your preferred day and time.

Available Times

Choose below the times your group could be available for your coaching session to increase your chances of finding a time and space that works.

  • Morning - 9am-12pm
  • Afternoon - 12pm-5pm
  • Evening - 5pm-10pm
  • Monday Morning
  • Monday Afternoon
  • Monday Evening
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Tuesday Evening
  • Wednesday Morning
  • Wednesday Afternoon
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Thursday Morning
  • Thursday Afternoon
  • Thursday Evening
  • Friday Morning
  • Friday Afternoon
  • Saturday Morning
  • Saturday Afternoon
  • Sunday Afternoon

Other Information

Is there anything else we need to know about your group?
*How did you hear about the Conservatory?*
  • Word of mouth
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Program guide
  • Poster
  • Brochure
  • Current student
  • Past student

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