Which Age is Right?

Many students start learning piano, trumpet, violin, and cello at a young age. As they grow older and develop physically, they can begin to explore other instruments. Starting music lessons is a personal decision for every family and depends on the maturity, interest, and motivation of your child, regardless of age.

  • Children as young as 4 can start string lessons in the Youth Strings program.
  • Piano lessons can begin as soon as the child is tall enough to sit at the bench and reach the keys. Children as young as 3 can start in group classes in piano/keyboard with our Music for Young Children program.
  • Children as young as 5 can begin trumpet lessons in the Suzuki Trumpet program.
  • Students start taking lessons on winds, brass, and percussion instruments to complement their school band program (about age 12).
  • Voice lessons start at age 10.
  • Everyone ages 12 or older can start in any instrument at any time - you are never too old to start a new instrument!
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