Which Age is Right?

Many students start learning piano, violin, and cello at a young age. As they grow older and develop physically, they can begin to explore other instruments. Starting music lessons is a personal decision for every family and depends on the maturity, interest, and motivation of your child, regardless of age.

  • For children under 3, we only have options in our Early Learning Programs.
  • Piano lessons can begin as soon as the child is tall enough to sit at the bench and reach the keys (around age 3 or 4). Children as young as 3 can also start in group classes in piano/keyboard with our Music for Young Children program.
  • Children as young as 4 can start string lessons in violin and cello. Students are also welcome to join us in the Youth Strings Program or our Orchestral programs to advance ensemble skills.
  • Guitar lessons can start as young as age 8 using a half or quarter sized guitar (dependent on your child's height). However, any students younger than 8 we recommend joining a string program like violin or cello.
  • Voice lessons start around age 10. Before then, we recommend joining our Prairie Kids Chorus or Youth Musical Theatre Program.
  • Youth start taking lessons on winds, brass, and percussion instruments to complement their school band program at around age 12 and can also take Private Lessons to advance skills and technique. Students who don't have a band program can also start these instruments at this age through Private Lessons. There are some exceptions to the over 12 rule based on your child's height and hand size to start on brass/woodwind instruments earlier, but this is on a case-by-case basis. Fill in our Lesson Placement to meet with a teacher to see if your child under 12 can start on a brass or woodwind instrument.
  • Everyone ages 12 or older can start in any instrument at any time - you are never too old to start a new instrument!
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