Special Projects

The Conservatory is committed to building a strong and engaged arts community. Our Special Projects provide opportunity for the Conservatory to be a catalyst for inspired practices and unique performing arts opportunities. We hope through building connections between artists in our community with learners and arts educators, we can strengthen and empower our arts community.

Out of the Darke Project


Out of the Darke responds to untold oral stories and unwritten histories of performing arts venue Darke Hall, at the University of Regina College Avenue Campus, through literary and multimedia works.

Operating since January 1929, Darke Hall is a performing arts venue that is a jewel on the prairies. Thanks to a major building renewal, this venue can continue to touch the lives of individuals from all arts areas and be a catalyst for creation, inspiration, and community.

In celebration of the future of this venue, we explored the past of this historic space! Thanks to all of the participants for the stories you shared, the words you wrote, the music you played, and the memories you recounted. The audio series was created and hosted by Paul Dechene in partnership with the University of Regina Conservatory of Performing Arts.

The final audio series aired on 91.3FM CJTR Regina Community Radio. The first broadcast of each episode was on Wednesdays from 9-10am CST with a rebroadcast on Sundays from 8-9pm CST. Below were the episodes and air dates:

  • Episode 1: What Makes a Great Theatre? - April 20 (April 24)
  • Episode 2: Remember Mame? - April 27 (May 1)
  • Episode 3: Theatre is Good for the Soul - May 4 (May 8)
  • Episode 4: A Love of Music - May 11 (May 15)
  • Episode 5: Formative Experiences - May 18 (May 22)
  • Episode 6: The Fazioli - May 25 (May 29)
  • Episode 7: The Wedding - June 1 (June 5)
  • Episode 8: A Tour of Darke Hall - June 8 (June 12)

Video versions (with archival images of Darke Hall) are posted on the Conservatory of Performing Arts YouTube Channel. A free digital publication about the project can be downloaded here: Out of the Darke Project Booklet. Printed booklets have been mailed out to project participants, please contact the Program Coordinator, Group Programs if you participated and did not receive your copy.

We want to thank the Regina Symphony Orchestra, 91.3FM CJTR Regina Community Radio, and the University of Regina Archives & Special Collections for their help and support with this project.

Watch & Listen to the Episodes on YouTube:

The Out of the Darke Project YouTube Playlist

The Music & Dance Project

In this unique interdisciplinary program, student musicians, music educators, and dancers worked together with dancer and choreographer Karen Rose to interpret her work through music. These projects culminated in two performances.

Winter 2019

Musicians and dancers rehearsed in studio under the direction of Karen Rose to prepare a second installment of the Music & Dance Project. Musicians included Valerie Hall (soprano), Allison Luff (piano), Joel MacDonald (cello), and Think Fast (with members from the University of Regina New Music Ensemble: Daniella Ceron, Trevor Flemings, and Jasmine Tsui). Dancers included Pamela Arter, Melinda Irvine, Carleigh Macdonald, Larissa Shasko, Paula Skotnitsky, and David Coulombe. They presented a show on Sat, Mar 30, 2019 to a sold out audience at the Artesian on 13th.

Fall 2017

The first Music & Dance Project took place from August - November 2017. Find more information about this project by looking through our Music & Dance Project Information Sheet 2017 and the Performance Program 2017. Program support provided by the Artesian and the Faculty of Education.

Funders & Contact

For more information or questions about these above projects, please contact Erika Folnović, Program Coordinator. These projects are made possible through the financial support of SK Arts, made possible through funding provided by the Government of Saskatchewan, and the financial support of SaskCulture Inc., made possible through funding provided by the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.

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