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Workshops at the Conservatory happen throughout the year in a variety of arts interest areas. Head to our Facebook to view our Events pages and share the listings with your family and friends!

Viola for Violinists

Viola for Violinists is a special workshop courtesy of funding from the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association to introduce the wonderful viola to budding violinists. Most students playing strings start in violin and cello, but once they are old enough (and big enough) they can start trying out larger string instruments like viola and double bass.

Violinists ages 10-15 in the workshop should be playing with a full sized violin and should be comfortable reading music in treble clef. Students do not need to be registered at the Conservatory to take part in this workshop - all violin students in Regina and area are welcome to join! Participants should bring their violin to the workshop.

This workshop will include:

  • Playing experience on violas
  • Introducing the viola for families who are curious about options available for their violinist
  • Discussing the role of viola in a symphony orchestra and music available for the instrument
  • Learning to read music in the alto clef

This workshop is led by Regina Symphony Orchestra players and instructors in the Conservatory Youth Strings Program. Share the Event on Facebook.

Date Ages Instructors Delivery Price Registration Link
Tue, Mar 31, 5-7pm 10-15 Jonathan Ward (viola/violin) and Rudolf Sternadel (violin) In Person $10/student Viola for Violinists


CJTR 20th Anniversary Panel Discussions

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of 91.3FM CJTR Regina Community Radio, the Conservatory is partnering on two special panel discussions. Hosted by Erika Folnović, the Conservatory Program Coordinator and a current CJTR programmer, a variety of volunteer radio show hosts and programmers will engage in special guided discussions examining the role of CJTR in the community. In Creating Dialogue in the Community, we will discuss community and what role we play as community makers when we engage in the act of creating and broadcasting our radio programs. In Performing with Sound, we will examine our roles as performers and how we view ourselves as producers, performers, and artists as we create our weekly on-air programs.

Each panel discussion is $5/person to attend. Panel discussions will be 60 minutes with an additional 30 minutes at the end for an audience Q&A with panelists. Discussions will be recorded to be broadcast on air at CJTR on a later date. If you are muted with your video off during the Zoom call, you will not be recorded.

Date Ages Panelists Delivery Panel Theme & Registration Link
Tue, Mar 15, 7-8:30pm 13+ Dane Imrie, Dr. Charity Marsh, and Shannon Sweeney Remote Creating Dialogue in the Community
Tue, Mar 22, 7-8:30pm 13+ Megan Bates, Chris Carlier, and Ben Valiaho Remote Performing with Sound


Journeys in Music Videos

Ever wonder if music is the right career for you? Wonder what your teacher does all day when they aren't teaching students? Journeys in Music are conversations with musicians of all types. At the heart of these dialogues is building understanding about how a musician or artist is made. How did they start playing? What inspired their studies? What was their journey to becoming a musician?

These conversations are perfect for music students, artists, musicians, and community members interested in storytelling and learning more about the life of professional musicians.

To view the conversations that took place between January and May 2021, please check out our Journeys in Music playlist on YouTube.

Journeys in Music is supported by the Saskatchewan Orchestral Association (SOA) through their Project Grant program, which is supported by funding from the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation through SaskCulture.

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