Personal Enrichment Evening and Weekend Courses for Adults

Pursue your passion or reveal hidden talents! Designed for adults wanting a richer, more active lifestyle, Continuing Education offers personal enrichment courses for adults that are sure to entertain.

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Check out our evening and Saturday personal enrichment courses.

Monday evening

Spanish 1 (see Languages)

Tuesday evening

Stand-up Comedy 101 (see Art and Entertainment)

Spanish Conversation (see Languages)

Design Amazing Flowerbeds (see Lifestyle)

Art of Gardening: Using Colour Properly (see Lifestyle)

Practical Landscape Design (see Lifestyle)

Wednesday evening

Spanish 3 (see Languages)

Online Dating: Navigating Your Search (see Lifestyle)

Wine Around the World (see Lifestyle)

Thursday evening

Chinese Cooking (see Lifestyle)

Astronomy: The Universe from the Parking Lot (see Science)

Medidation: Ancient Practices for Modern Times (see Health)

Spanish 2 (see Languages)

Friday evening
No classes

T'ai Chi (see Fitness and Movement)

Spanish Travel Intensive (see Languages)

Basic Smartphone/Table Photography (see Computers and Technology)

Android Tablet 1: The Basics (see Computers and Technology)

Cloud Computing (see Computers and Technology)

iPad 1 - Beginner (see Computers and Technology)

iPad 2 - Intermediate (see Computers and Technology)