Stephen Wihak

Instructional Designer
Flexible Learning

Office: CB 208.5
Phone: 306-337-3117
Fax: 306-585-5779

I have been an Instructional Designer at URegina since 2008. Before that, I taught for 20 years, and served 10 years as a school administrator. My philosophy is that teaching is "a people business, where the currency is thinking about knowledge."

My job is to work with Instructors to create excellent online courses. This requires a triangle of professional expertise: a comprehensive knowledge of effective teaching strategies, an evergreen knowledge of emerging technologies, and a healthy set of collaborative skills. My own triangle emerged from my education (a BA, a BEd, and an MEd, all from URegina) and from my teaching experience.  

In my spare time, I pursue fresh air experiences and listen to eclectic music while reading, especially about social biology.