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About DDLC Funding

Applying to develop a flexible course with University of Regina Distance and Distributed Learning Committee (DDLC) funds provides a range of benefits for course developers/SMEs, faculties/departments, students and the University as a whole.

The DDLC, in collaboration with Flexible Learning at CCE, provides financial and instructional design support to assist successful course developers/subject matter experts to develop flexible delivery courses that fall into options one to three below. Research requests (option four) could get financial support from the DDLC, but no Flexible Learning ID Team support. Proposals can be for new flexible delivery courses as well as for courses that were previously DDLC funded (5+ years old since the first delivery) and are in need of major revisions to content, assessment, media elements, etc. 

  1. Primarily asynchronous (activities/lecture not real-time) web-based courses (online) where at least 80% of the course is delivered asynchronously through UR Courses.

  2. A balanced blend of asynchronous web-based (online) and face-to-face courses (between 40-70% of the face-to-face classroom time will be replaced by asynchronous web-based components.)

  3. A balanced blend of asynchronous web-based (online) and synchronous online (real time activities using Zoom) (between 40-70% of the course will be delivered in the form of asynchronous web-based components).

  4. Research related to distance and distributed teaching and learning

For a detailed list of criteria that the DDLC will use to assess applications can be found in the the Detailed Process and Criteria document.

Steps in the DDLC funding process

1. Apply

For more information about applying for DDLC funding go to Step 1: Apply for DDLC funding.

2. Develop a course

To learn more about developing a flexible course with approved DDLC funds, go to Step 2: Course Development.

You can also check out the Course Development Resources in the Quicklinks section to the right that includes links to course development resources developed by the Flexible Learning Instructional Design Team such as a Course Development Guide, Instructor Testimonial videos and Course & Media Samples videos.

3. Deliver a course

To learn more about delivering your course after it it is fully developed, go to Step 3: Course Delivery.

To see a visual of the process from application to delivery, refer to the Process Flowchart in the Quicklinks


For a list of additional DDLC and course development resources please refer to the Quicklinks section on this page.