Instructional Design

Instructional design is the "continuous improvement of distributed teaching and learning in higher education."

Our Team

The Instructional Design (ID) Team is comprised of Instructional Designers (ID), Web Developer & Graphic Designers (GM), and Assistant Instructional Designers (AID).

We assist in the development and delivery of fully online, LIVE-streamed, web-conferenced and blended courses (a combination of any of these delivery modes).

Our Mission

“Continuous improvement of distributed teaching and learning in higher education”

We are a team of professional instructional designers with evidence-informed expertise in teaching and learning strategies and the use of educational technologies. Our core mission is to collaborate with University of Regina instructors for the continuous improvement of flexible teaching and learning for our students. We strive to create capacity for outstanding teaching.

Our Vision

That every University of Regina student and instructor has the opportunity for enriching, stimulating and engaging teaching and learning experiences.

Our Values

  • teaching and learning excellence
  • higher education which is accessible to all
  • diverse needs and perspectives of those we serve
  • community and collaboration
  • similar learning outcomes for all students
  • ongoing research about teaching and learning, the student experience and emerging educational technologies
  • the optimal use of available, pedagogically-sound, and sustainable educational technologies