High School Accelerated (HSXL)

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Get a head start on your university journey by enrolling in High School Accelerated (HSXL) courses! 


Designed for high school students in grades 11 and 12, these courses offer a unique opportunity to kick-start university studies and empower you to embark on your academic journey with a strong foundation! 

Think about what this can mean for you...

  • Earn high school and university credit with HSXL dual credit course
  • Ease your transition to university
  • Free up your schedule in your first year of university
  • Explore your interests before you pick your U of R program
  • Start networking now - meet university professors and staff

Don't wait until you graduate - become a University of Regina student now!

Fall 2024 admission for the High School Accelerated opens at 8:15am (CT-SK), April 25, 2024.

Fall 2024 & Winter 2025 HSXL Courses 

Are you considering enrolling in HSXL? Explore our comprehensive course schedule for Fall 2024 and Winter 2025 by clicking here! This detailed schedule will help you plan your academic path and discover the exciting opportunities awaiting you in the High School Accelerated courses.

Tuition Reimbursement Award 

Considering studying at the U of R? Take HSXL courses and receive tuition reimbursement, saving you thousands in tuition fees! For further information on the Tuition Reimbursement Award, click here. 

Get Admitted and Register 

You must be admitted to the High School Accelerated program through the University of Regina. Find out how to Apply for Admission. Note: students are responsible for the one-time application fee.

Fall 2024 admission for the High School Accelerated opens at 8:15am (CT-SK), April 25, 2024.

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