High School Accelerated (HSXL)

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Get a head start on university

Kick-start your university studies with High School Accelerated (HSXL) by taking a university class while in grade 11 or 12!

Think about what this can mean for you...

  • Earn high school and university credit with dual credit courses, saving you time
  • Ease your transition to university
  • Free up your schedule in your first year of university
  • Explore your interests before you pick your U of R program
  • Start networking now - meet university professors and staff

Don't wait until you graduate - become a University of Regina student now!

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NEW! HSXL Dual Credit Bursary Program will cover the cost of one U of R course per term* for current high school students in the Winter 2024 term! Admissions start 8:15am (CT-SK), October 13, 2023. Seats are limited. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

*Up to a maximum of two courses per student in total.

Upcoming Events

During this Guidance Counsellor Lunch and Learn & Parents Information Night, we will provide information on the High School Accelerated Program and the new High School Accelerated Dual Credit Bursary. We welcome all questions and hope to see you there!

Guidance Counsellor Lunch & Learn

Parents Information Night 


High School Accelerated courses have been developed specifically for High School Accelerated students. The professors are there to support you and assist you as you navigate university-level material and university-level learning.

Students can also take any U of R course as long as any prerequisites are met. Regular tuition applies. Start planning your course schedule!

NEW! Apply for the tuition-free HSXL Dual Credit Bursary Program.

Dual Credit

When you take a HSXL course for dual credit, you get closer to high school graduation and get university credit...at the same time!

The University of Regina, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, offers a growing selection of dual credit courses. Dual credit courses, approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, are University of Regina courses that cover the content of both the university-level course and corresponding high school course, giving you credit on both your university and high school transcripts.


University Credit High School Credit
ART 220 Art 30L
BUS 100 Entrepreneurship 30
CHEM 100 Chem 30
CHIMIE 100 Chimie 30
CREE 100 Cree 30
ENGL 100 English B30
FRENCH 100 French 30
INDG 100 Native Studies 30
MATH 110 Calculus 30

Courses are continually being developed and added to the list of dual-credit course options.

Always talk to your high school guidance counselor for more information about High School Accelerated and your dual credit options.

  • Registration is typically limited to one course per term. Requests for more than one course per term will be reviewed based on your high school grades and other circumstances that may apply.
  • Refer to the Ministry of Education's Dual Credit Policy for helpful information about policies, procedures and processes related to dual credit and outlines the roles of the University, the high school and the Ministry.
  • Special Project Credit - Special project credits are student-initiated and designed to encourage the pursuit of learning in an area of personal interest or passion. The content of the special project(s) need not be related to a specific school subject according to the Ministry of Education's definition. A final mark of Standing Granted (SG) will be awarded for the successful completion of a special project. The mark of SG will appear on the official Transcript of Secondary Level Achievement.

Get Admitted and Register 

You must be admitted to the High School Accerated program through the University of Regina. Find out how to Apply for Admission and Register for classes. Note: students are responsible for the one time application fee.

Admission for the HSXL Dual Credit Bursary Program opens at 8:15am (CT-SK), October 13, 2023.

Need help? Contact Student Services

Phone: 306-585-5807    Email: CCE.StudentServices@uregina.ca