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High School Accelerated (HSXL)

How to apply hsxl

Important Dates

Parent Night
Oct 13, 7:00pm
Fall Open House Oct 16
Early Admission Oct 17-29
Registration Opens Nov 4
Parent Night Nov 17, 7:00pm
Application Deadline Dec 10
First Day of Classes Feb 1, 2022
Don't miss HSXL U of R early admission dates: October 17-29.
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Get a head start on university

The High School Accelerated (HSXL) program is a great way to kick-start university studies.

The courses listed below are available in Winter (February to May). Grade 11 and 12 students are welcome to take any U of R credit courses as long as prerequisites are met.

Registration is typically limited to one course per term. Requests for more than one course per term will be reviewed based on a student's high school grades and other circumstances that may apply.

Benefits are:

  • Ease into university with a couple of classes
  • Free up your schedule in your first year
  • Challenge yourself with course material not offered at your high school
  • Earn university credit

High School Accelerated courses

Courses below have been developed specifically for High School Accelerated students.

 WINTER 2022
HSXL courses are typically offered in Winter. 
CRN Course Title Start Date End Date Delivery Instructor
TBA ANTH 100 Introduction to Anthropology Feb 1, 2022 May 13, 2022 Web TBA
TBA ART 220 Two-Dimensional Art Form Feb 1, 2022 May 13, 2022 Web TBA
TBA BUS 100 Introduction to Business Feb 1, 2022 May 13, 2022 HyFlex TBA
TBA ENGL 100 Critical Reading & Writing I Feb 1, 2022 May 13, 2022 Web TBA
TBA INDG 100 Introduction to Indigenous Studies Feb 1, 2022 May 13, 2022 Web TBA
*Students can take any other UofR courses that follow regular UofR terms as long as pre-requisites 
are met.

Dual credit and special projects

High School Accelerated students can earn dual credit or special project credits for their high school transcripts with this program. 

The University of Regina in partnership with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education offers a selection of dual credit courses. Dual credit courses, as defined by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, are those courses offered by the University whereby the student can simultaneously earn credit for a specified course at the high school level.

The University of Regina has several dual credit opportunities for students including Math 110 (Calculus 30), English 100 (English B30), and Art 220 (Art 30L). New for Winter 2022, students will now be able to take Indigenous Studies 100 (Native Studies 30) as dual credit! For a list of dual credit opportunities approved by the Sask Ministry of Ed, please see Dual Credit Course List.

You can also find the Ministry of Education’s policy on dual credits and information on the types of dual credit here: Dual Credit Policy Saskatchewan. This policy document contains helpful information about policies, procedures, and processes related to dual credit, as well as outlines the roles of the University, the high school, and the Ministry

University Credit High School Credit
ART 220 Art 30L
ENGL 100 English B30
MATH 110 Calculus 30
NEW INDG 100 Native Studies 30

Check with your guidance counsellor for more details.

Admission information

All admission requirements and forms are provided on the Admission and Registration page. 

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