Sample Online and LIVE-streamed Course

Experience What it's Like to Be an Online or LIVE-streamed Student

All online courses utilize UR Courses, open source software you can access anywhere and anytime. Our online courses are filled with rich media resources such as, videos, audio and notes to help you better understand the subject you are learning.

LIVE-streamed courses are on-campus class that are live-streamed via LIVE Network at a college site, Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus or at your home on any computer or devise with high-speed Internet.  A 30-minute recording of a LIVE course is available for you to sample.

Activities such as forums, chats, quizzes, and interactive assignments complement your online learning experience, while helping you connect with your instructors and fellow classmates.

Login to the Sample Online/LIVE Course

  • Username: samplestudent3
  • Password: Testaccount-3
  • Select: URC 001 (Online) or LIVE 001 (LIVE-streamed)

The sample courses will give you an indication of what the first few weeks will be like. Feel free to browse through the modules, view videos and join in the discussions to fully experience what it’s like to be an online student.

Online Course Expectations

Students will be expected to spend four to ten hours per week (per online course). They will also be expected to use electronic chat rooms, forums, social media sites and e-mail. (You may be asked to create accounts for certain online systems (chat rooms, forums etc.)


  1. Computer with minimum OS and memory requirements
  2. Modem and Internet access
  3. Internet browser
  4. E-mail address