Online Courses

What are the benefits of taking online courses?

Online courses give students the flexibility needed to balance work, life and university.

If you live outside Regina, work full- or part-time or have a busy personal life and want to work toward a university program, you can take online courses from anywhere and fit them into your schedule.

You can complete the first two years of a Faculty of Arts degree right at home so you won’t have the expense of moving to Regina.

Save the time it would take to travel back and forth to campus.

What’s it like to take an online course?

Online courses are taught through UR Courses, a learning platform which is the hub for all course lectures, notes, assignments, quizzes, exams, etc. On UR Courses, you will see your course syllabus and due dates while also having interactive capabilities such as discussion forums and a course email tool.

It’s important to be organized and stay on track with online courses, so make sure to add all of your assignment dates to your calendar.

If you need help with your course work, your professor is available just like a face-to-face course, but through email, phone or virtual office hours. And, if you have any technical issues, we’re here to help at

Sample Online Course - take a look at the online course interface. 

Getting Started Guide - here's a resource with valuable information to start with.

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