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Current Courses

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We invite you to share our passion for learning and discovery!

The World is Yours to Explore.

Art and Entertainment

Join us for screenings of classic films or discussions about art periods.

Computers and Technology

Develop your skills to make your PC and digital life easier and enjoyable.

Fitness and Movement

Feel young and vibrant by working on your strength, flexibility and dance moves, for all fitness levels.


Your health is important - Get the right tools and knowledge on your path towards good health.

Languages and Culture

Learning a second language makes cultural experiences more satisfying and enriching.


Your home, your yard, your life.


Learn about the mysteries of the universe, wildlife and human physiology.

Social Studies

Are you a history buff, political enthusiast or religious debater? Bring your ideas and add your perspective to these classes.

Writing and Literature

Book worms and the writing-inspired can join us for group book discussions and writing classes for any level of writer on topics such as journaling, creative writing and memoirs.