Social Studies

Are you a history buff, political enthusiast or religious debater? Bring your ideas and add your perspective to these classes.


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Ancient Cultures and Places Thursdays - Begins Jan 24
Born of a Woman: The Search for Historical Jesus Thursdays - Begins Jan 24
Hard Times and Boom Times in Canada, 1919-1929 Wednesdays - Begins Jan 23
International Women's Day Celebration Friday - March 8
Issues in Judaism and Zionism Tuesdays - Begins Feb 5
Middle East Current Affairs Wednesdays - Begins Jan 23
The Cradle of Civilization Tuesdays - Begins Jan 22
Who Killed Paul Matoff? Unsolved Rum Running Crime form the 1920s Thursdays - Begins Jan 17

Fall 2018 Late Start Courses

Canada and the Great War: 1914-1918 Thursdays - Begins Oct 25
College Avenue Campus: History, Hauntings and Folklore Tuesday - Oct 30

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