Credit Student Services

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) links U of R resources to individual and group learning needs in the community.  CCE's mandate is to meet lifelong learning needs by offering high quality, flexible and accessible education and training programs to learners of all ages that build on the strengths and resources of the community and the University.

A wide selection of programs are offered in the following categories:

  • Undergraduate certificate and bridging programs for adults seeking to upgrade their qualifications or pursue new career paths. Programs can normally be completed within one to five years.
  • Nights, online, Saturday, Spring & Summer credit courses applicable to degree and certificate programs.
  • Off-campus: Face-to-face, LIVE and video-conference courses, which carry credit toward a University degree.

Student and Instructor Services (Credit) offers support services to CCE students, instructors, and internal and external partners in the following areas:

  • Admissions and Registrations
  • Exam Invigilation
  • Instructor Appointments (for credit courses administered by CCE)
  • Scheduling of credit courses administered by CCE


The Centre for Continuing Education offers alternative admission options for those students who wish to complete a Certificate Program, take casual studies, or for high school or home-based learners who wish to apply to the High School Accelerated (HSXL) Program.  All students must apply for admission directly to Credit Student and Instructor Services, Centre for Continuing Education.

  • Casual Studies
  • HSXL
  • Open Admission
  • Undergraduate Certificates




Our academic advisors can help you with course selection, program planning and educational goal setting.


  • Flexible Courses
  • Undergraduate Certificates

Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR)

Be recognized by the University of Regina for your acquired learning through your work experience, various skills training and volunteer experiences. This page also includes resources for Assessors.


Printable and online forms to be completed and submitted.

  • Casual Studies
  • Contact
  • HSXL
  • Online Courses
  • Prior Learning and Recognition (PLAR)
  • Undergraduate Certificates
  • Request to Repeat a Course

Staff Listing

Find a specific Academic (Credit) Student Services staff member.


Documents to assist you in completing forms and processes.

  • Casual Studies
  • HSXL
  • LIVE Courses (live-streamed)
  • Online Courses
  • PLAR
  • Undergraduate Certificates


  • Registration
  • Tuition Information
  • Transfer Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Attendance, Evaluation, Discipline, and Appeals
  • Graduation
  • Convocation
  • Privacy

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