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Undergraduate Certificates

Students interested in Undergraduate Certificate Programs offered through the Centre for Continuing Education are encouraged to apply for admission:

The one-time, non-refundable application fee for first time undergraduate admission to the University of Regina in any program is $100 (subject to change without notice). Applications will not be processed until this fee is paid.

Note: Returning applicants are not required to pay the application fees.

First Time Applicants

  1. Create a Login ID and PIN within the online application
  2. Continue with the application process
    Application Level: Undergraduate
    Application Type: Certificates: CCE, Campion FN

Returning Applicants

  1. Enter your Login ID and PIN
    Application Level: Undergraduate
    Application Type: Certificates: CCE, Campion, FN

Students that have not been actively registered in courses for more than three semesters must apply for re-admission.

If you are already admitted to another Faculty or Program and wish to also take a Certificate Program, you are advised to complete the Application for Undergraduate Concurrent Program Form and take it to your faculty advisor. Doing so ensures that your faculty advisor knows that you are working toward another program and allows them to provide the appropriate services.

Students must meet University of Regina English Language Proficiency requirements prior to admission.

The University of Regina reserves the right to refuse admission even when the stated requirements for entrance have been satisfied. The decision of individual faculties on the granting of admission, re-admission, transfer, and transfer credit is final.


High School Accelerated

Lighten your future university course load and develop skills to excel in university.

For more information see High School Accelerated Admission and Registration.

Casual Studies Program

The Casual Studies Program is designed to allow members of the general public to take courses for general interest. The following restrictions apply to this program:

  • Applicants must be aged at least 18 (if under 18, they must have already graduated from high school).
  • Students who have received a Faculty requirement to discontinue (RTD) or University-level forced withdrawal (MW) at the University of Regina or another post-secondary institution are not eligible to participate.
  • Students can register in open registration.
  • The maximum registration for any term is 6 credit hours.
  • The maximum length of time students are allowed to stay in the Casual Student Program before applying to transfer to a Faculty is 24 credit hours.
  • Regular evaluation of academic performance applies to Casual Students. Academic performance is evaluated following each term. If Casual Students already have full or part of a U of R degree and come in with more than 24 credit hours, those credit hours count towards evaluation of academic performance and application of academic policies.

Students can apply by submitting an Application for Admission and Registration for Casual Students.

Students must meet University of Regina English Language Proficiency requirements prior to admission.

High school and post-secondary transcripts are not required unless a desired course has prerequisites. These transcripts can be unofficial and are accepted directly from the applicant.

Academic advising is not required, but is available from the Career & Professional Development Program Advisor upon request.

Casual Studies Program students may apply to transfer to a Faculty or another program at any time, and must meet the admission/transfer regulations then in effect, including provision of official transcripts. Students considering this option are strongly encouraged to seek preliminary advising from the Faculty. The new Faculty will evaluate all courses completed in the Casual Student Program and determine their applicability to the new program.

Open Admission

Students wishing to apply through Open Admission must be 21 years of age or older OR have approval from the Director of the Centre for Continuing Education.  Open Admission does not require documentation of academic history. Open Admission students are students within the Faculty of the Centre for Continuing Education.

Regular Admission

  • Official high school transcript
  • Post-Secondary (Statements of Standing) Transcripts (if applicable)