Aaron's Story - Certificate in Administration 1 and 2

The Certificate in Administration programs (Level 1 and Level 2) are filled with courses that have aided my development in both my personal and professional life. Each of the courses I have taken, whether it was economics, accounting, law, management, ethics, marketing, or finance, has taught me new languages that I use every day.

As a Planning and Design Engineer, it is critical for me to convey complex technical ideas to those who do not have a technical background. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely while being a critical thinker and problem solver are skills I have developed from my education in professional communication and civil engineering. While these skills are useful for communicating with technical professionals, I lacked the ability to apply my knowledge to areas outside of engineering.

I enrolled in the Certificate in Administration programs because I wanted to develop skills that would provide immediate results in the areas I was weakest. These programs did so much more than that. It’s difficult to express in words, but these programs have been a positive eye-opening experience and have given me a new holistic perspective on business activities. They not only strengthened my understanding of business principles but they also shattered the communication barriers I had with those outside of my own industry.

I am grateful to the University of Regina for having fantastic lecturers, professors and faculty. Moreover, I cannot say enough positive things about the professors that have taught me. Each professor was passionate and taught with enthusiasm. I always felt accommodated and at ease because I was treated with understanding and professionalism. The evening and online courses I took were thorough and complex, but robust for those who put in significant effort. Even with fast-paced and often demanding work obligations, I was able to achieve a high quality learning experience in both online and evening formats.

I have fond memories and have developed lasting relationships because of these programs, and I believe others can achieve the same result. I would recommend them to anyone seeking to learn the foundations of business principles as it’s had a lasting impact on my future.

Aaron - Undergraduate Certificate Student

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