Cheryl's Story - Professional Leadership

Cheryl's Story - Professional LeadershipI cannot say enough about how much Professional Leadership Certificate Program has changed and inspired me to grow as a person. I want to thank the University of Regina for the invaluable knowledge, insight and experience that I have gained through completing this program. This program has allowed me to develop the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to become a strong leader in all capacities of my life, both professionally in various management positions and personally as a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and every point of contact I make.

In current times, there is a need to shift from the older dominant management style to a more dominant leadership style as there is so much changing on a daily basis that require leaders out in front. From changing technology to economic conditions, every business and organization is likely implementing changes to adapt in some form or capacity and those changes affect people. The seminars delivered through this program address a lot of these current day challenges head on and deliver techniques to lead people through these complexities by using approaches that engage them and keep them moving forward in a positive direction.

All of the facilitators are amazing leaders and educators who are passionate and genuinely care about the subject matter in which they are teaching. What amazes me is that most have full time careers along with delivering these seminars. They ensure that the content of the course is delivered in an applied learning manner and go out of their way to engage people in their process. They offer a lot of there own experiences and ensure encouragement for others to share either past experiences or current situations allowing everyone to learn in real time as we work through theses scenarios.

Bob Hornsberger is an exceptionally amazing facilitator, leader and coach and has inspired and touched me on a different leadership  level. He not only shares invaluable content and techniques, he teaches a component that addresses leadership in a down to earth spiritual manner, really connecting the emotional and compassionate component of what leadership is all about.

I would highly recommend this Certificate program to anyone in a leadership or management role as you can choose from a variety of seminars offered to suit your current position and learning curve.

Cheryl - February 2015

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