Coralee's Story - Certificate in Inclusive Education

Coralee - Inclusive Education

My name is Coralee Starlight-Cappo.  I am from the Tsuut’ina First Nation. My mother is a fluent Siksika Language Speaker, who knows her traditional teachings and has a degree in Social Work. My father is a fluent Tsuut’ina Language Speaker, who follows his traditional teachings. As well, he works in various capacities to promote Tsuut’ina language and culture. 

I am currently a Learning Resource Teacher. I work with the staff at my school to help implement programming, scheduling, assessment, and follow-up for students that fall under the Saskatchewan Region: Special Education Program Guidelines. I completed my Bachelor of Education in 2010 and my Master’s Degree in Education for Curriculum and Instruction in 2015. In December of 2016 I completed the Inclusive Education Certificate. I worked full time as resource teacher, while taking courses for the Inclusive Education Certificate which consisted of blended, face to face, and weekend courses.

I work within First Nations schools to help facilitate the Indigenous and Northern Affairs Program for students with Special Needs.

I wanted to take the Inclusive Education Program to enhance my career as a professional educator. The concepts and strategies that I learned through the Inclusive Education Program have helped me to be more effective in reaching students with special needs. I found the courses to fit well within my work schedule and the materials were relevant to all students. Information in the Inclusive Education Certificate is research- and evidence-based. The courses were thorough and practical because it incorporated real life scenarios and provided plenty of team work experience.

I love my job. I get excited to go to work in the morning. I come home and I try to think of how our team can work more effectively. I love seeing children improve. I love being a part of the whole teaching process. The Inclusive Education Program was a perfect adjunct to my other degrees in education and has enabled me to be more effective within multiple areas of education.

Coralee- Inclusive Education Certificate