Darrick's Story - Professional Leadership

Darrick's Story - Professional LeadershipWhile part of me expected to endure dry lectures of terminology on my way to achieving the Professional Leadership Certificate I was pleased to find the course greatly surpassed my expectation. The passionate instructors involved the class and made the material interesting. I found the discussion of real world examples from classmates relevant and I was able to immediately relate many experiences to my own workplace.

The Leadership Certificate courses have prepared me for the next step in my professional career by giving me a host of new tools to use and valuable insight into my own personal leadership style. I believe that effective leadership starts with a foundation of knowledge about ones self and I particularly enjoyed the reflection and insight aspects of the Certificate courses.

Overall I was very impressed with the courses and I find myself looking forward to taking on the Professional Management Certificate in the future. Anyone looking for new tools/insight to help adjust to a recent move or preparing for the next step in their career should consider the Professional Leadership Certificate.

Darrick - December 2014

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